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Call of Duty: The Board Game Seizes Success, Airdrops New Content and Rewards

After exceeding its Kickstarter campaign goal in just five hours after the launch of Call of Duty: The Board Game, tabletop board game publisher Arcane Wonders is excited to announce additional content and backer rewards for its thrilling new strategy game series inspired by the popular video game franchise.

Nearing the August 22nd end date of its Kickstarter campaign, Arcane Wonders has revealed that two additional maps based on popular multiplayer maps in the franchise will come to Call of Duty: The Board Game as part of the Collector’s Edition for a total of four maps in the set. The individual Blue Box and Red Box sets will receive a new map each.
Call of Duty: The Board Game Seizes Success, Airdrops New Content and Rewards

As a thank you to fans who back Call of Duty: The Board Game at the $49 tier or above prior to the campaigns end date, Arcane Wonders has announced that it will ship a bonus promo box that includes the following at no additional charge:
  • The addition of Russell Adler as a promo Operator
  • An additional, all-original map called Desert Ruins
  • Upgraded plastic plotting markers
  • 6x 3D plastic cover markers to raise Operator defenses and unlock additional abilities
  • 6x 3D plastic wound markers to mark Operators who are recovering their health
The contents of the Call of Duty: The Board Game promo box will be available as a separate purchase at retail for non-backers.

You can watch Call of Duty: The Board Game in action in Play The Game HQ’s multi-part preview HERE

Call of Duty: The Board Game combines elements of strategy, tactical planning, and combat to create an intense and immersive gaming experience, which features stunning artwork and high-quality components. Miniatures of the iconic soldiers and weapons from the Call of Duty franchise, as well as a variety of scenarios and gameplay modes, will allow players to enjoy Call of Duty in a whole new way.

Call of Duty: The Board Game Key Features:

  • Become an Elite Operator: Legendary soldiers forged in war, customized for battle with signature weapons and unique combat skills.
  • Select Your Mission: Choose from a wide array of iconic maps with a variety of intense game modes, including team-based objectives.
  • Plan Your Attack: Secretly and simultaneously plot your moves using a simple and intuitive action system.
  • Pull the Trigger: Catch your enemies off guard, then blow them away by choosing the perfect combo of battle cards and dice.
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