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City-Building Roguelike Card Game TECHNOTOPIA PlayTest Launched by Alawar

The playtest for Alawar’s new roguelike card game, Technotopia, which is a city builder, has begun. The creators are excited to hear from players and collaborate with the community to mold the creation of the game. You can get a taste of the exciting environment you’ll be living in with the playtest. Discover the ins and outs of creating and running the future metropolis. On the Technotopia Steam Page, players can submit a request to join the playtest.

Check out the Technotopia PlayTest video:

In Technotopia, you take on the role of Iris, an AI entrusted with creating the ideal metropolis in a dystopian future. Using a deck of building cards, you will create different districts, deal with urban problems, grant requests from factions, and prepare for setbacks while taking into account the various demands and concerns of the people.

It’s difficult to create a utopia in Technotopia. Capitalists, aristocrats, politicians, and common people are the four main groups vying for power in the city. Every choice Iris takes will alter the balance of power, so players must mediate conflicts skillfully and make sure all parties’ demands are addressed.

Technotopia Key Features:

  • Build a Perfect City: Utilize the buildings at your disposal to manage the deck of cards. Create skyscrapers, parks, residential areas, and transit highways using the cards.
  • Maintain the Delicate Balance: The common people, politicians, nobles, and capitalists are all battling for dominance over the city. Strive to preserve the equilibrium required for an absolutely ideal city.
  • Navigating Obstacles: Talk about the haphazard occurrences that building construction may cause, like fires, gangs seizing control of some areas, and everyday municipal operations. To solve urban issues, pay attention to the groups, but be mindful of the repercussions.

City-Building Roguelike Card Game TECHNOTOPIA PlayTest Launched by Alawar

Anyone interested in creating their own utopia can sign up for the Steam Playtest. Keep yourself informed by wishlisting Technotopia, visiting the Steam News Hub, following Alawar on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, and connecting to the official Alawar Discord channel.

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