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CLeM Review for Nintendo Switch

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of CLeM, a captivating exploration puzzle game that seamlessly blends whimsy with intricate gameplay mechanics. For aficionados of this genre, CLeM emerges as a standout title, offering a unique and engaging experience right from the opening moments.

The narrative unfolds as players find themselves within the confines of an abandoned house, guided by a mysterious voice that issues instructions on the Attribute to be gathered. Taking on the role of an old doll, complete with a distinctive zipper at the back of its head functioning as an inventory, players navigate the evolving challenges within the atmospheric setting.

CLeM Review for Nintendo Switch


Traversing the house reveals that not all rooms are initially accessible, creating an evolving landscape that progressively expands as players advance through the game. This intentional gating of areas adds an element of anticipation and curiosity, compelling players to delve deeper into the mysteries that unfold. A charming addition to the inventory system is a cute notebook that automatically records observations and interactions. This feature serves not only as a useful aid for remembering important details but also enhances the immersive quality of the gameplay.

The inventory system proves to be a linchpin of the gameplay, offering more than just storage for acquired items. Its functionality extends to the separation, combination, and utilization of items to solve puzzles, unlock doors. The interplay between inventory management and puzzle-solving becomes a central theme, contributing to the game’s overall coherence and depth.

Integral to the gameplay is the acquisition of Attributes. In the initial puzzle, players are tasked with obtaining the Attribute named “Beauty” for the enigmatic guiding voice. This serves as an introduction to the recurring motif of collecting Attributes throughout the game, each unlocking new dimensions of the narrative and expanding the scope of exploration.

CLeM Review for Nintendo Switch

Upon successfully navigating the challenges of acquiring the “Beauty” Attribute, the game intelligently returns players to the starting point. This cyclical design introduces a sense of continuity while presenting a new Attribute for players to pursue, leading to the revelation of previously inaccessible rooms and further layers of the narrative.

CLeM distinguishes itself with its fluid gameplay, devoid of time constraints. The hand-drawn scenes contribute to the game’s aesthetic appeal, showcasing vibrant and meticulously crafted environments. The forgiving nature of the puzzles, allowing players to attempt them repeatedly without penalties, proves to be a thoughtful design choice, particularly as not all required items may be readily available.

CLeM Review for Nintendo Switch

The controls exhibit a commendable smoothness, though a minor suggestion for expediting the doll’s walking speed offers a subjective improvement to overall navigation. However, it’s important to note that this adjustment does not impede the overall enjoyment of the game.

In summation, CLeM emerges as a delightful gaming experience, seamlessly blending engaging puzzles, vibrant hand-drawn scenery, and a nostalgic childlike ambiance without compromising its broader appeal. The absence of time constraints, coupled with the forgiving puzzle mechanics, ensures an enjoyable journey for players of all skill levels. Awarding CLeM a well-deserved 9 out of 10, this game stands as a testament to the creativity and excellence thriving in the realm of indie gaming, making it a worthy investment of both time and money for any discerning player.

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