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Contenders: Arena Playable Demo Now Available via Steam Next Fest

The first public hands-on demo for Contenders: Arena, by developer Gamecan, is now available starting today, February 5 – 12 as a part of Steam Next Fest. Contenders: Arena is a high-octane 3v3 arena shooter featuring fluid, acrobatic movement and intense combat that is slated to launch later this year

Contenders: Arena Playable Demo Now Available via Steam Next Fest

In Contenders: Arena, Gladiators participate in a high-stakes, futuristic game show comprised of climactic and adrenaline-fueled matches to earn the fame and adoration of countless fans, as well as the favor of powerful and deep-pocketed megacorporation sponsors. The game features 3v3 team-based third-person combat where deep Gladiator customization and builds fit for every playstyle meet stylish maneuverability and thrilling, nonstop action.

Check out the Contenders: Arena Steam Next Fest Demo announce trailer:

Contenders: Arena playable demo is now available for PC via Steam Next Fest.

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