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Devolver Direct Reveals Exciting New Games during Summer Game Fest

Along with release dates for Anger Foot (Free Lives) and The Crush House (Nerial), as well as new DLC for Cult of the Lamb (Massive Monster) and The Talos Principle II (Croteam), this year’s Devolver Direct featured the recently revealed games Possessor(s) from independent developer Heart Machine (Hyper Light Drifter) and Tenjutsu from solo developer Deepnight Games (Sébastien Benard, Dead Cells).

With the help of mild-mannered superfan Mathew’s vivid imagination, Devolver celebrated Volvy’s 15th birthday. Mathew’s encyclopedic knowledge of Devolver games and normal relationship with their renowned mascot delighted gamers worldwide.

Devolver Direct: Blinkink in collaboration with Devolver Digital created Volvy’s Birthday, which was written and directed by Joe Pelling (Don’t Hug Me, I’m Scared).

Devolver Direct Reveals Exciting New Games during Summer Game Fest

Devolver Direct Features:

Possessor(s): Coming to Consoles & PC in 2025 – see trailer HERE

The story of Possessor(s), a fast-paced action side scroller with gameplay influenced by platform fighters, is told via perilous characters and takes place in a vast, intricately linked universe that begs for exploration.

Play as the host, Luca, and her less-than-cooperative counterpart, Rehm, as you explore a metropolis under quarantine that has been destroyed by an interdimensional disaster and flooded. Acquiring the skill of coexistence is their only chance of survival.

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Devolver Direct Reveals Exciting New Games during Summer Game Fest

Tenjutsu: Coming to Consoles & PC in 202X – see trailer HERE

In Tenjutsu, you take on the role of a yakuza renegade who is out to overthrow her former allies and break their hold on the Hidden Garden City.

The city is ruled by four formidable crime syndicates that exercise absolute power. You must develop a varied arsenal of weapons, upgrades, and martial arts techniques in order to fight them, breaking their grasp on the streets in a fury of violence. You must also learn a vicious brawling system.

The city is reborn when these evil groups crumble under your fists, to be taken down in any order you choose.

The abandoned streets come alive with color and energy, and you may spend your collected resources at stores and eateries to aid you in your mission.

As you explore and unlock new locations, weapons, and battle moves, you may customize the city to suit your play style. Just don’t take too long; the more time you spend getting ready, the more formidable your adversaries will become.

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Devolver Direct Reveals Exciting New Games during Summer Game Fest

Anger Foot: Coming to PC July 11 – see trailer HERE

Anger Foot is a lightning-fast hard bass explosion of kicking doors and kicking ass. Developed by Free Lives (Broforce, GORN, Terra Nil), you may experience its foot-based anarchy firsthand when the game comes on PC via Steam on July 11.

You’ll smash through the caffeine-fueled fever dream of Shit City in this unrelenting first-person shooter, eliminating a frightening gang of ruthless gangsters in the process.

Release the most lethal feet on a vibrant cast of anthropomorphic foes, destroying skyscrapers, slums, and sewers while obtaining new weaponry, unlocking sneaker sets, and absurdly and wonderfully enhancing your abilities.

You’ll leave a smoldering trail of smashed doors, fractured bones, and crumpled energy drinks as you kick and shoot your way out.

Your foot is the remedy for the illness known as “Shit City.” Put on an assortment of erratic and powerful shoes to battle your way through a variety of insane metropolitan districts. Are you the power, speed, or style god? Unlock and find secrets that promote replayability. You can also learn how to approach levels in hilarious, inventive, and destructive ways.

Be fast to pull the trigger and become one with the toes. If you are to succeed and discover the Anger Foot’s secret, your abilities must be beyond human conception.

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Devolver Direct Reveals Exciting New Games during Summer Game Fest

The Crush House: Coming to PC August 9th – see trailer HERE

for August 9, The Crush House will finally launch for PC. You may now download and play the delightful Steam demo of “The Crush House” whenever you want.

The Crush House, a 1999 reality TV phenomenon, was developed by UK-based developer Nerial (Reigns), and its new producer is you. Take your camera inside the famous Malibu house of the show, where you’ll find viewers riveted by capturing all the drama, passion, and tension that explodes when you play new hire Jae. However, if you can’t keep your audience interested, you can face cancellation—a fate worse than death.

Select a quartet for each season based on your choice from 12 unique personalities. As you combine opposing personalities or complementary attractions, tensions will rise and sparks will fly. Capture the greatest moments on video, and watch as your viewership soars.

Everybody with a TV watches The Crush House, including butt guys, foodies, and divorced dads.Pharologists? Keeping dozens of micro-audiences engaged will require smart thinking in order to reach them all. Though it is impossible to please everyone all the time, you must make an effort.

However, The Crush House is not what it seems, and there is a dark secret that needs to be solved. When the show isn’t airing, Jae is free to wander the mansion at night and have forbidden chats with the cast to uncover the many sinister and dark mysteries of The Crush House.

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Devolver Direct Reveals Exciting New Games during Summer Game Fest

Cult of the Lamb: Unholy Alliance – Coming to PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S and Switch on Aug. 12 – see trailer HERE

The Goat is a new playable character in the free update Unholy Alliance for the popular game Cult of the Lamb. This evil new ally can join the sacred Lamb in local cooperative gaming, having been summoned by blood and birthed in corruption. Join forces to explore dungeons, eliminate heretics, establish a cult, and search for new abilities on August 12.

Play in local cooperative mode to relive the whole Cult of the Lamb campaign, where you take on the roles of the Goat and the Lamb. Take part in cooperative missions while picking from a variety of corrupted weaponry, tarot cards, curses, and relics. Enjoy fresh takes on classic two-player minigames like fishing and knucklebones.

When battling back-to-back, the Goat and the Lamb can exchange weapons, do more damage, or land a critical blow if their strikes line up. A ton of new skills and abilities are also available for solo gamers to use.

The Unholy Alliance expansion brings additional tarot cards, relics, structures, fleeces, follower qualities, follower tasks, and other secrets to uncover in addition to co-op play.

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Devolver Direct Reveals Exciting New Games during Summer Game Fest

The Talos Principle 2: Road to Elysium – Coming to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S on June 14 – see trailer HERE

This three-part coda will bring back your favorite characters and challenge your puzzle-solving abilities with a number of original, thought-provoking scenarios.

Road to Elysium, which takes place after The Talos Principle II, continues the progression of the robot world by giving you a fresh viewpoint on some of the most significant events from 1K’s trip and testing your skills with puzzles based on both old and new principles.

There are three chapters in the expansion, and each has a unique appearance and atmosphere.

Orpheus Ascending

Examine the concepts of love, death, and resurrection by means of Sarabhai and Hypatia’s tale. Take on the role of 1K once more in order to access Sarabhai’s thoughts and recover the broken pieces of her identity. This chapter tests your ability to use novel approaches to solve a number of challenging laser-based puzzles set in a stunning setting reminiscent of ancient Egypt.

Isle of the Blessed

Join Yaqut and Miranda for a puzzle-based adventure on a gorgeous Caribbean island with Cornelius and Athena. Using well-known tools, take on a wide range of previously unexplored puzzles, culminating in the Hexahedron, a sizable continuous puzzle cluster housed in an enigmatic tower.

Into the Abyss

Explore one of the most suspenseful scenes from The Talos Principle II to learn what transpired to Byron while he was imprisoned within the Megastructure. This chapter, which takes place on a string of floating islands, transports you to a glitchy dream world full with incredibly challenging puzzles that will make the minds of even seasoned gamers spin.

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