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Dragon’s Dogma 2 Review for PlayStation 5

I knew going into “Dragon’s Dogma 2” was going to be a big deal as well as time commitment. The fans of the first game which was released back in 2012 make their voices very well-known and how amazing the game was. Over a decade later Capcom has finally given us the sequel and while I have very little experience with the original, I don’t see anyone who would be disappointed with what was given to us in this massive single player sandbox adventure. Initial reviews came out before the title’s release and since it’s launched, the game has added several micro-transaction opportunities for gamers. While this topic has become a bit of a controversial one, I just want to be clear that my thoughts on this ordeal doesn’t affect my opinion in this review. In fact, it’s a single player game, and these micro-transactions don’t hurt anybody and the game isn’t put in any detrimental cases due to them existing, so at the end of the day I don’t consider all this controversy a big deal. Now with that out of the way, let’s get back into it.

Dragon's Dogma 2 Review for PlayStation 5

In an alternate realm, “Dragon’s Dogma 2” distinguishes itself from its predecessor through a fresh narrative approach, welcoming newcomers like myself while offering a nostalgic embrace to returning fans. As the Arisen, you embark on a daunting odyssey to confront the looming menace of the dragon, accompanied by ethereal allies known as Pawns. When the dragon mercilessly rips your heart from your chest in a fierce battle, echoing a pivotal moment from the original game, “Dragon’s Dogma 2” sets forth on an ambitious narrative trajectory, delving into unexplored realms of storytelling. This sequel introduces captivating new elements and twists to the familiar premise, weaving a tale that surprises and intrigues at every turn. Through immersive gameplay and compelling character development, as well as its blend of action, exploration, and narrative depth, this sequel emerges as a masterful continuation of the franchise.

What makes this experience so unique is that while there is a ton of lore and character development here, the game actually doesn’t really focus on the story all that much. It mainly just gives you the tools you need and lets you explore and carve your own path, whichever way you want to play, it’s very reminiscent of “Skyrim” in that way. The quests don’t hold your hand and do very little on how to explain how to do them, but that’s just another example of the freedom of exploration the game provides, but if you’re familiar enough with games similar to this, they aren’t too difficult to figure out. The combat is another area where “Dragon’s Dogma 2” really shines. It’s very fluid and all makes sense, with a very healthy variety of types and sizes of enemies to fight. The assortment of beasts you encounter is rather robust and refreshing, and in this open world it’s not like you can free roam anywhere you want by running away, you will have to endure your encounters with these beasts; luckily, they’re fun to fight.

While the game isn’t perfect by any means, I had issues with its inventory system, and there can be a little bit of technical jank sprinkled throughout, especially with interacting with NPCs during cutscenes, but most of that is very forgivable. The amazing way “Dragon’s Dogma 2” manages to transport you into its world is staggeringly impressive. While I normally like more story driven games, and here its more of a passive element of the game, this game forces you to create your own story with your unique experiences. I can easily see “Dragon’s Dogma 2” being in the “Game of the Year” conversation at the end of the year.


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