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Pepper Grinder Review for Steam

Super Mario Bros is a known platformer for years and a lot of platformer games were inspired and provided some amazing gameplay, it is known for generation past and generations to come. Pepper Grinder, a game by publisher Devolver Digital and developed by Ahr Ech, is the new platformer that brings a uniqueness to the world of platforming.

We had the chance to play Pepper Grinder via Steam and played on our Steam Deck, which feels like a home to the console itself. Players assume the role of Pepper, a Treasure Hunter who got swept under the storm on an unknown island where she finds herself encountering creatures called Narlings that look like Narwhal. Pepper has a power tool/weapon, that is like a drill called Grinder. Our objective is to escape from this island using our skills.

Pepper Grinder Review for Steam

Gameplay consists of clearing levels, where there is a good amount of platforming that requires jumping around and using Grinder to drill through certain areas that allows, like soil, and certain rock like structures. Grinder can also be used to swim through faster or skim through water, or get higher jumps while exiting drill areas. Also there is a grappling control that allows you to spin around the grapple point, which makes the movement and platforming around challenging and that much fun.

Pepper starts with 4 hearts and during platforming you can defeat different enemies using different tactics mostly using your Grinder. Pepper can lose hearts and can gain lost heart throughout the map by ingesting Radish, which is positioned on certain locations in the level.

Map structure is similar to Mario where you start off with the first area consisting of several levels and then after completing one level you unlock your way to the next one. And you can easily navigate to each level using the map. Apparently there is one hidden level in each area which can only be unlocked after getting a special key, which can be earned with finding the special coins in each level, which are secretly hidden around the map.

Each area has one final boss with different tactics which provides some amazing challenges and will definitely require reruns to understand the strategy of bosses. There is one special shop level that allows you to spend your gems and special coins, to increase your maximum hearts and unlock collectibles.

Pepper Grinder Review for Steam

The graphics are very pixel-like but have a great aesthetics to it. And some amazing background sounds. Overall, Pepper Grinder is a solid platformer, with great level design and challenging bosses. I would rate this game 9 out of 10 stars.

Pepper Grinder is available for PC via Steam.

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