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“Gearbox Gives” Initiative Launched by Gearbox Entertainment to Harness the Power of Entertainment

“Gearbox Gives” Initiative Launched by Gearbox Entertainment to Harness the Power of Entertainment

Gearbox Gives, a new Gearbox Entertainment Company initiative that organizes and directs the studio’s philanthropic work, launched today with a mission to harness the power of entertainment to educate, inspire, and create. Gearbox Gives’ work encompasses Gearbox’s educational and philanthropic programs, and its community partnerships and initiatives.

“Gearbox has been committed to using our platform and the power of entertainment for good since our founding, and Gearbox Gives is a continuation and expansion of that work,” ​​said Randy Pitchford, founder of both Gearbox Gives and the Gearbox Entertainment Company. “As Gearbox has grown in recent years, our impact on the world around us must grow as well. By launching Gearbox Gives, we’ll be able to build upon the work we have already done to use our platform for good.”

Aaron Thibault, who serves as the Vice President of Strategic Operations at Gearbox, is Gearbox Gives’ executive director. Thibault has led the development of partnerships with local higher education institutions to provide vital professional resources; facilitated a mentorship program for local high school students; and serves as the Strategic Leadership Committee Chair on the Workforce Solutions of North Central Texas board, representing Frisco and regional workforce needs. Moreover, Thibault led Gearbox’s efforts to develop a video game-based science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) curriculum in the Longview Independent School District in Texas. He also adapted this work to remotely teach students in Nairobi, Kenya the basics of game design and programming.

“I am humbled by the opportunity to continue expanding Gearbox’s ongoing commitment to advance social good in our community and the world through the creation of Gearbox Gives,” said Thibault. “The potential of entertainment and the Gearbox community is limitless. Our work will support communities close to home and around the world, bolster access to high-quality STEM education, advance philanthropic efforts, and more.”

Gearbox’s demonstrated history of using its platform, games, and resources to advance social causes is expansive. This includes creating Borderlands Science — a citizen science game that is helping to map the human gut microbiome; providing video game–based STEM education to students from Texas to Kenya to Los Angeles; raising thousands of dollars to purchase personal protective equipment for medical workers during the COVID-19 pandemic; and supporting reforestation efforts.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic was at its worst, the Gearbox team stepped up and activated its community to support frontline healthcare workers,” commented Thomas Tighe, president and CEO of Direct Relief, an international humanitarian organization that partnered with Gearbox to donate PPE in July 2020. “Direct Relief was deeply grateful for this generosity during the most critical time of the pandemic, and looks forward to seeing the continued impact of Gearbox Gives.”

“We are extremely grateful for the ongoing support and expertise that Gearbox has provided to our students and teachers,” said Horace Williams, deputy superintendent of Longview Independent School District. “Their involvement has allowed us to enhance our curriculum, offer new and exciting opportunities to our students, and better prepare them for success in the 21st century workforce. We are confident that the skills and experiences gained through this program will have a lasting impact on our students’ futures and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Gearbox for years to come.”

Gearbox Gives is the philanthropic arm of the Gearbox Entertainment Company, founded in 2023 with a mission of harnessing the power of entertainment to educate, inspire, and create around the globe. Gearbox Gives supports communities both domestically in the United States and abroad.

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