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Sprayground Teams Up with Porsche, Jaguar & Formula E for Fashion Collaboration

Are you prepared to witness the pinnacle of style and speed? The cutting-edge travel apparel company Sprayground is taking a break to improve Formula E fashion with its most recent partnership, which includes Porsche and Jaguar. Through this partnership, three creatively designed bags with legendary motorsport ancestry are given a vibrant edge that redefines modern style.

Sprayground Teams Up with Porsche, Jaguar & Formula E for Fashion Collaboration

Jaguar drivers Nick Cassidy and Mitch Evans, along with Porsche drivers Antonio Felix Da Costa and Pascal Wehrlein, are part of this epic campaign.

Three backpacks from the series are modeled after the vehicles that compete on its exciting circuits. Every backpack features Sprayground’s recognizable shark-mouth pattern and is customized to match the color palette and identity of the corresponding brand:

  • Formula E backpack in sleek black vegan leather with blue-green embellishments.
  • Porsche backpack in red, black, and white, with the Porsche logo and race numbering.
  • Jaguar backpack in black, white, and gold, with Jaguar’s logo and race number.
  • These backpacks feature innovative LED lighting for enhanced visibility and aesthetics.

For more information, visit the official website.

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