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GHOSTRUNNER 2 Review for PlayStation 5

Back in the fun year of 2020, when the world was very weird, people turned to staying indoors to play lots and lots of video games… Well at least that was the case for me. One of those games was none other than “Ghostrunner,” developed by polish studio One More Level (I guess video game developers in Poland really like to use the Cyberpunk aesthetic). I didn’t get a chance to review that title, but I sure as heck played it and fell in love with its amazing dystopian world and very kinetic gameplay. If you’re interested in checking out a review for the first game, we have several, check them out the Complete PS5 Complete Edition Review, HERE, and the DLC review HERE. So fast forward three years and we finally get the release of “Ghostrunner 2.”

GHOSTRUNNER 2 Review for PlayStation 5

Once again, you play as Jack, and his unparalleled agility shines through as he effortlessly dashes, jumps, wall-runs, and slides through perilous landscapes. The addition of a grappling hook allows for seamless swings across the environment, while the “Sensory Boost” manipulates time, enabling graceful mid-air glides. It’s an intricate dance of precision and finesse. What a fun addition I noticed was that you don’t need to have played the first game to dive into the sequel. The game provides enough context to stand alone, yet graciously offers a recap in the Extras menu for those who want a quick catch-up. As I navigated the cyberpunk dystopia, a stamina gauge emerged as a governing force, regulating the frequency of my dashes and the ability to deflect incoming attacks. The sword took center stage as my main weapon, but the game gifted me an array of special abilities, including the electrifying “Shuriken” skill for stunning adversaries and reaching distant switches with precision.

In the midst of combat and puzzle-solving, both Jack and his enemies walked the tightrope of limited health, one hit away from demise—a dynamic that added an extra layer of intensity to each encounter. The non-linear design of the levels grants players the freedom to strategize, creating a unique path before confronting adversaries. One-hit deaths, reminiscent of the first game, added an element of trial and error to some sequences. Luckily now with new generation consoles, the fast load times proved to be a saving grace, making repetitive attempts less irksome. Quick parkour and platforming areas kept me on my toes, but the generous checkpoint system maintained a brisk pace. The skill tree system, presented in an easy-to-read format, allowed me to tailor Jack’s upgrades to suit my play style. Collectibles scattered throughout the maps offered not just cosmetic enhancements such as skins but also items that can continue to enrich the lore of the overall world.

What sets “Ghostrunner 2” apart is the introduction of motorcycle and wingsuit sequences, elevating the game’s already breakneck pace. Jack was already a cool ninja, but now he is just on a whole new level that manages to up the ante in this sequel. The plot delves into the aftermath of toppling a ruthless dictator, exploring the complexity and messiness that ensues. The stakes are high, and the narrative unfolds with a gripping urgency. The game, challenging yet immensely enjoyable, took me approximately thirteen hours to complete. But the gameplay is so fun and addicting that, upon finishing, the immediate urge to replay and aim for a better, perhaps shorter, finish time gripped me—an unmistakable testament to the game’s magnetic allure.


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