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Gunbrella Review for Steam

What would you do for justice? For revenge? How far would you go to get back at the people who wronged you?

If you’re ready to go all the way, then Gunbrella has your name on it.

Gunbrella is a 2D Platformer/Shooter with a gorgeous pixelated aesthetic developed by the incredible Doinksoft and published by the acclaimed Devolver Digital. Featuring a mixture of beat-pumping and silky smooth music, incredibly fluid and intuitive platforming and gunplay, and an incredibly immersive world filled with charming characters, the game sets you in the shoes of an unnamed wanderer on a quest to get revenge on the person who murdered your wife. The only lead you have is the Gunbrella, left at the scene of the crime, which you now repurpose into a tool of justice. 

As your traditional video-game umbrella, the Gunbrella naturally lets you dash forward with a burst of speed and power, which can be used to knock back and disorient opponents, as well as to gain height, distance, and of course, to pogo off of spikes. (Can’t be a metroidvania if you can’t pogo off of spikes nowadays) Of course, the Gunbrella can also block bullets, and if opened at the right time can deflect them back at your opponents. Typical umbrella stuff, nothing too unusual. You can also use the handle of the umbrella to latch onto different wires and zip along from place to place. Common fare for an umbrella.

Gunbrella Review for Steam

But this umbrella is a Gunbrella. With the press of a button, you can unleash a salvo of bullets as you fire a shotgun-like burst at your opponents. Unleash your inner Penguin (the DC one, not the live animal) as you dispatch your foes with all the flair, fashion, and equipment of your average Kingsman agent. You can also collect different types of ammo around the world or purchase them from shops to add some extra punch, reach, or other properties to your arsenal. For example, why not fire out a grenade to make your firefights a blast? For long range encounters, the rifle rounds will give your long-range opponents burst with joy… a three-round burst of joy, to be precise. And why not use the versatile sawblade to bounce off of walls and carve through anything in your path? (Meat Boy not included) Of course, technology has advanced far since the invention of the Gunbrella, and your model has quite a few upgrades available, should you find the necessary scrap around the world.

Traveling by railway from place to place, devastating foes. Solving the various troubles of the townsfolk, and solving puzzles beneath the smog-laden sky will have you traveling various locations: from sewers to swamps, ramshackle towns to high-class clockwork metropolises, and everything in between. And you’ll be putting that Gunbrella to good use, taking down wild animals, criminals, a violent police force, and the mysterious Cult 45.

What’s next?

Eldritch Horrors, naturally.

Gunbrella Review for Steam

Alongside your average run-of-the-mill baddies you’ll face terrifying abominations of twisted flesh and blood looking to paint the town red in either your color or theirs. Stay alert, even after your victory: some things even a Gunbrella can’t kill, especially the dead. 

With threats like these, you’ll likely find yourself needing a bigger gun and better equipment. It’s important to choose your friends wisely and to use them even more so, as your actions and choices across the world will have ripple effects down the line. Alongside that, you’ll need to carefully manage and maintain your resources, knowing when to use items to make space and when to sell them for an extra pinch of cash. The good news is that enemies have plenty of… shall we say, resources, for you to gather and sell for a high price. Very kind of them to leave behind something for you to remember them by!

Gunbrella is a top-notch pixelated masterpiece with a keen eye for the details and an engrossing world to explore. I greatly enjoyed my time playing it throughout the early access. I highly recommend joining me on this quest for justice as Gunbrella officially launches on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Good luck, and keep your ‘brella close: you never know what might come next.

Score: 10/10

Gunbrella is available for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch.

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