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Cricket Through the Ages Review for Steam

As we all know, the foundation of our society revolves around the single most important sport ever conceived: Cricket. As Cricket has become such a common part of our day-to-day lives, most of us have likely never had a moment to stop and ponder the origin of our most important invention: Where did Cricket come from? How has it evolved over time? Where will it go in the future?

Fortunately for us Cricket truth-seekers, at last a dedicated and reputable source has emerged to provide the world with a much-needed history lesson. And its even an interactive one, making it much more fun than a trip to a museum! Developed by Free Lives, (the team behind Gorn and Broforce) and published by the reputable Devolver Digital, Cricket Through the Ages is a one-button adventure and a microcosm of world history revolving around the origin of every part of daily life. You’ll advance from the inception of Cricket in ages long past to combat the dinosaurs, through to its evolution int o a standardized sport in England and the advent of the wicket, and even discover how all war ultimately revolves around the sport of Cricket. It even projects a vision into the future of Cricket, seeing how it takes to the stars and eventually evolves into a multi-universal Omnisport.

Cricket Through the Ages Review for Steam

All of these words to say, Cricket Through the Ages is a jolly good time. It is a romp through the vaguest idea of the sport of cricket, with layers of complexity alluding to the true depth and complications of the real sport slowly being added in humorous and absurd ways. Controllable with only a single button, you’ll swing Cricket bats, bone clubs, Baseball bats, Golf Clubs, and legally distinct laser swords across a variety of wacky modes. Of course, you’ll also be throwing anything you can get your hands on as well at your opponent, such as Cricket balls, Tennis balls, Bowling balls, and anything else you can think of. The game offers a built in single player experience against a computer, but is much more enjoyable in its chaotic multiplayer matches. Each of its campaigns increases the overall complexity of the game, such as introducing true rules besides “whoever isn’t dead is the winner” to actually resemble the sport of cricket, changing the sport entirely in an Olympic-themed challenge rush, and the most important gameplay style of all: drinking tea! (You can’t make a game involving anything British without including a tea-drinking minigame)

The art style, music, and narration all wrap together to make the whimsical experience of playing Cricket Through the Ages into a hilarious and chaotic pastime befitting of the importance of Cricket in our modern society. The game is accessible to professional gamers and to newcomers alike, as nobody will likely have any idea what’s going on at first. However, below the humorous exterior of the game is a genuinely fascinating skill ceiling for such a simplistic game. I imagine that high level play (if such a thing were ever to exist) would make for a fascinating and hysterical event.

Cricket Through the Ages is a chaotic masterpiece of simplicity done right: combining the best elements of games like Untitled Goose Game, QWOP, What the Golf, and Nidhogg, it all comes together to make a game that’s as enjoyable at its most complex as it is at its simplest. I highly recommend checking out Cricket Through the Ages to brush up on world history while getting some of the best and funniest one-button gameplay on the market right now. Besides, we wouldn’t want to be caught underprepared for the imminent time-travelling Quantum Cricket tournament. The game is on!

Cricket Through the Ages is available for PC via Steam.

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