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HADES II Impressions for Steam Early Access

Supergiant Games finally shadow dropped Hades II, a critically acclaimed series in Early Access in the past month, and we can’t just get over playing it. Those unaware about Hades series, it is a roguelike game, and provides an amazing amount of different playstyles. We have been playing Hades II on a Steam Deck and it feels amazingly optimized for the Steam Deck.

Hades II takes place right after where Hades’ story ends, and includes a new player character, Melinoe, sister to the first game’s protagonist Zagreus, and daughter of Hades, the god of the underworld from Greek mythology. Somehow things in the underworld have changed, and Melinoe is trying to figure out what has happened to her family. Starting point for this game is Crossroads, a safe haven for witches.

HADES II Impressions for Steam Early Access

Players take control of Melinoe and start off by talking to the NPCs and then move on to the entry point for the road to the underworld. Technically instead of going up as in Hades, we are going down. Players can start off with two weapons, a staff or twin blades.

Similar to Hades, Hades II also starts off with providing a boon from gods, Daedalus hammer or Gifts of the moon from Selene. Each new encounter provides either a Major reward which is boons, or Minor Reward that includes some materials that can be used to upgrade Arcane Cards or Weapons or provide resting location during the travel to underground. Some of the items found throughout locations can be used to also upgrade some of the facilities at Crossroad that allows you to interact with other NPCs and provide backstory.

Arcane Cards are something that can provide you with some passive effects including replenishing mana, or health, or providing a chance for upgraded Boon rarity.

There has been a surprising update where after a few run through, players can also explore the surface world. So technically there are two different locations players start each run with, including different guardians and additional NPCs to interact with. It’s double the fun. Also players can unlock new weapons and additional gathering tools for different kinds of materials. And yes you have two animals familiar that provide additional support throughout each run.

Overall, the Hades II though in early access feels like a complete game, but we can’t wait for full release to see what the completed game looks like. Our run through we have barely felt any game breaking or concerning bugs. I would rate this early access version 9 stars.

Hades II is available for PC via Steam Early Access.

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