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DUSTBORN Demo Impressions for Steam

Dustborn is an upcoming adventure game developed by Red Thread Games and published by Quantic Dream. The devs had a Steam demo available that we were able to try out. Dustborn looks like a mix of story focused action adventure game, that seems interesting, but the overall structure of the demo can confuse players as you jump around different chapters and do different things in each level.

We started off with the introduction to some of the characters of a punk band who are going to start off a journey, and you help the team with fixing the minibus that you will be traveling in. After we start the journey we are introduced to a scenario where characters while traveling on the journey are being checked at the border control of a country where the band has to prove they are traveling musicians by playing the rhythm game. It’s an interesting mix of showing how the conversation with the guards can change based on how good or how bad you perform.

DUSTBORN Demo Impressions for Steam

Next scenario takes you on the conversation you can have while traveling in the minibus. Players are allowed to fully control the main character and interact with all the traveling buddies and band members and that shows how certain stats gain additional points, also you can take the time to practice a song, similar to rhythm game, but you add new verse, which possibly will help further in the story, and once that is done we are made to chose our next stopping point.

In the Dustborn demo, the next scenario takes us to a combat tutorial where we are supposed to fight off waves of robotic enemies, where we use a custom baseball bat to attack and call the bat back, similar to the Leviathan axe from God of War. Players can use melee and ranged combat and skills at their disposal for massive damage.

In the last scenario we are introduced to the choices we can make during conversation which depending on the selection changes certain stats that will probably help in changing or providing the diverging path to the story and this scenario also gives some detailed background info on our main character.

Overall, the Dustborn demo does leave us at a point we want to see more of the game, but the structure of the demo does confuses on how things will be working in the actual game, and if we are allowed to make certain other free to play choices or not. Also, if combat is going to be a big part of Dustborn, I am assuming the devs will need to make some additional updates to make it feel natural, as right now it feels like combat is added just for the sake of providing additional mechanics, but hopefully it could be different when the game comes out fully.

Though it does feel we have to see how the full game will be, as there are definitely some amazing characters and story that I will be interested in following up on when it fully releases on August 20, 2024.

You can play the Dustborn demo right now for PC via Steam. For more detail, you can visit and follow @WeAreDustborn on TikTok and Quantic Dream on X (Twitter).

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