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Hauma – A Detective Noir Story Demo Impressions

Hauma – A Detective Noir Story prologue, by developer SenAm Games and publisher Assemble Entertainment, is a demo of the more significant visual novel set in Munich. With comic-style graphics and vivacious voice acting, the game is enticing before the story even begins. In about 30 minutes of gameplay, this prologue offers some compelling context for the larger story.

Following Judith, a former detective, players investigate an upper-class conspiracy following a previous attempt on her life. The game opens with Judith en route to a club, walking us through
some of the events that led her to this point in time. Upon arrival, the first main goal is making it into the club, guarded by an unmoving bouncer.

Players are presented with three options to try and weasel Judith’s way into the club, as well as a few different areas and items to be investigated. There’s only one way in, which doesn’t take
too long to figure out, and allows players to become more acquainted with the setting and gather some context for future characters.

Hauma - A Detective Noir Story Demo Impressions

Upon entry, Judith is greeted with an extravagant event space and a few people milling about. There is also a bar in the back that players can venture into, and each setting is vibrant and
unique. To become more acquainted with the party and the goals of its guests, Judith speaks with both the guests and the barkeep.

There are patrons from whom to glean information outside as well. From all these people, Judith begins to understand the true power of those she’s surrounded by, and the severity with which
they intend to use it. Everyone there, however, is shackled by the influence of the elusive Map, the apparent leader of this club and its goings-on.

Map will only be met by the “chosen one,” the one who receives (what’s rumored to be a human) bone in the drink of the night: Hauma. Judith, naturally, strives to receive this special
glass of the mysterious sweet drink in order to meet the one running the night’s illicit events. The actions you take are straightforward enough that they’re not difficult or time-consuming to
figure out, but not so much that it feels as though the game is being played for you. The story is quite interactive, especially in that it allows players to gather as much or as little extra
information as they want. (The information is only extra simply in that it’s not required knowledge to progress—although it does enhance the experience and might be important in the larger

Overall, this demo leaves a lot of excitement for the complete story. The graphics are phenomenal and add to the atmosphere, and the sound effects and voices are a perfect fit. I
can’t wait to see through the end of this visual novel!

Hauma – A Detective Noir Story can be wishlisted now, and a free demo is playable on Steam.

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