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Outer Terror Review for Steam

Outer Terror is a roguelike horror game, by developer Salt & Pixel and publisher VoxPop Games, Inc., where each level has a unique storyline and map. It can be played solo or with one other player, and there are 10 characters to choose from. All of the characters and levels are unlocked from the beginning and can be played in any order at any time. Still—stakes are high. You have only one chance at making it through waves of grotesque creatures and reaching the endgame.

As the chosen level progresses, you build and upgrade your arsenal of weapons that auto-fire and can be automatically or manually aimed to fend off hordes of enemies. It’s also possible to
purchase upgrades from the eponymous section of the menu with money earned from defeating monsters or pick-pocketing the dead! The diversity between the levels was great, especially considering that each level had two playable character options tailored to its scenario. (Players are not required to choose between these two characters, which is nice in that it allows for some freedom and more varied play.) All of the character options each have their own special action and starting weapons, so playing through all of them to find one whose starting weapon and special skill you like the best can significantly enhance play.

Outer Terror Review for Steam

There is a tutorial, which includes a few brief pop-ups at the beginning of gameplay, that must be turned on at the opening menu. It’s not necessary, as the game is pretty intuitive, but it does offer a few helpful tips that might take a while to figure out otherwise. Rather than having to opt-in to the tutorial as you currently do, it might be more beneficial for players to have the option to skip over it. Especially since it’s easy to assume that the option for a tutorial would be integrated into play from the beginning. Yet this doesn’t take away from the game as a whole. The graphics are a dynamic mix of 16-bit play and cutscenes in a style reminiscent of 70’s and 80’s comics, and the soundtrack lends to an exciting and eerie atmosphere akin to B-Movie horror.

My favorite levels were Gray Death and Incident Report, if only because those were the levels I got furthest in. Some qualms I had with all of the levels, however, included the lack of instruction (aside from the tutorial). While most main objectives were easy to figure out how to accomplish, others were less clear. Being tasked with looking for a carrier pigeon among autonomous toasters and fridges is great and all, but knowing exactly what you’re looking for would be quite helpful. Similarly, some directions were a bit fuzzy in levels like Frost Bite. Storylines were compelling and dissimilar, so it’s a lot of fun to explore the different worlds and scenarios. They each offered distinct goals that required different strategies, and the variety of enemies both between and within each situation was really fun. Gray Death took players through a classic apocalypse, Kill Switch curated an AI-takeover, Other Side explored some carnival-esque settings, Incident Report brought SCP to life, and Frost Bite kept you frozen in a tundra.

While Outer Terror doesn’t make any huge strides in roguelike or horror games, this game is great for what it is. There’s still some room for improvement, but it’s already in such a great
place with graphics, sound, and story that its potential is immense. Overall, this game is fun and definitely worth its $9.99 price point.

An unquestionable 9/10.

Outer Terror is available via Steam and the Epic Games Store. For more information on Outer Terror follow the game on Twitter, join the conversation on Discord.

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