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iam8bit Presents SIMPLER TIMES Releases during Summer Game Fest

During Day of the Devs, indie company Stoneskip and publisher iam8bit Presents revealed a major surprise: Simpler Times, the much anticipated mellow vibes simulator, is now playable for PC via Steam. Additionally, it is 10% off its usual $9.99 price for the next two weeks at $8.99.

Check out the Simpler Times Summer Game Fest 2024 Launch Trailer:

Simpler Times transports viewers on an emotional trip as they assist Taina in packing her childhood belongings for college and consider significant junctures in her formative years. Playing old albums transports her back in time to witness how she and her room have evolved over the years. Music serves as a portal to those memories.

Stoneskip game director Dragos Matkovski stated, “Simpler Times is like listening to an album for the first time. With each minute, there’s something new to discover. Just like finding that favorite song, I’m hoping players will find their favorite moment. We wanted to capture the bittersweet melody of life’s transitions in Simpler Times. I’m proud of what our team has accomplished, and we’re looking forward to hearing how it resonates with players.”

iam8bit Presents SIMPLER TIMES Releases during Summer Game Fest

Simpler Times heavily relies on the understated lo-fi soundtrack by musician George Pandrea, thus it seems sense that iam8bit will be releasing it on vinyl in the near future. The album’s lead track, “Studies,” is currently available for listening on streaming services. On June 20, the Simpler Times soundtrack will be accessible both online and on vinyl.

Jon M. Gibson and Amanda White, co-owners and creative directors at iam8bit said, “We’re excited to share Stoneskip’s extraordinary debut with the world – and we couldn’t resist pulling off a ‘One more thing…’ reveal at Day of the Devs. We love how Simpler Times lets players explore and learn more about Taina’s life at their own pace. It’s a cozy respite from the big, loud games out there, and we hope players find it as soothing as we all do.”

Additionally, iam8bit Presents is releasing a special package that contains Coin Crew’s 2022 escape-room hit, Escape Academy, and Simpler Times. Players who have already purchased Escape Academy can receive a discount on Simpler Times, and both games are offered for 10% off.

Simpler Times is now available for PC via Steam.

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