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Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days Drops Haunting Teaser at PC Gaming Show

In today’s PC Gaming Show, a new gameplay preview for PikPok‘s shelter survival game Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days, which takes place in a zombie-infested Texas metropolis, gives players a fresh look at its terrifying depiction of an undead pandemic. With over 150 million downloads, the Into the Dead franchise includes the game. When the playable demo of the game becomes available via Steam in October 2024, survivors who are determined to defeat and flee the zombie pandemic can get ready.

In the summer of 1980, as the undead overtake Walton, Texas, a group of desperate survivors band together in the hopes of escaping the city before it is too late.

Check out the Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days PC Gaming Show Teaser:

The PC Gaming Show preview for Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days highlights the three essential gameplay elements of survival, adaptation, and preparation. Look around for useful supplies while being cautious to stay away from zombies in places that are badly infested. Prior to choosing new areas to explore the next day, weigh the needs and well-being of each survivor and enhance basic shelters with amenities and defenses to last through the night.

The undead population of Walton City spreads like the disease over time, necessitating adaptation and flexibility. To combat zombies, use available resources to construct tools and weapons. To keep comparatively safe, shift shelters regularly. When supplies run low, make tough decisions that will impact the group’s morale, welcome new members, or prey on gullible survivors. As you handle challenging in-game choices, survivor permadeath, and the constant threat of approaching zombies, adapt to changing escape strategies.

Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days Drops Haunting Teaser at PC Gaming Show

Mario Wynands, CEO of PikPok stated, “Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days blends survival horror-inspired gameplay with challenging management elements where every decision counts. We’re thrilled to showcase a small slice of what to expect at the PC Gaming Show before our first public playable demo in October 2024.”

You can wishlist Into The Dead: Our Darkest Days for PC via Steam Early Access in 2025. A playable demo is coming this October. Visit the official Into the Dead: Our Darkest Days website and follow the game on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter/X for additional information.

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