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KRAFTON Unveils Dark and Darker Mobile at G-STAR 2023

KRAFTON, Inc., the creators of PUBG: BATTLEGROUNDS and PUBG MOBILE, officially unveiled Dark and Darker Mobile at G-STAR 2023, an international gaming event in Busan, South Korea. This announcement marks the first time the game is being shown since KRAFTON inked an exclusive global licensing deal with IRONMACE to adapt their explosive gaming hit for mobile platforms.

Developed by KRAFTON’s Bluehole Studio, Dark and Darker Mobile blends the intrigue of dungeon crawlers, the depth of RPGs, and the tension of battle royale survival to recreate the unique blend of extraction-based gameplay that made the original game such an exhilarating experience. By drawing on KRAFTON’s vast mobile gaming experience, the game will be tailored and optimized for mobile users, ensuring it runs and plays well for a mobile platform.

Check out the KRAFTON Dark and Darker Mobile G STAR Gameplay Walkthrogh Video:

“KRAFTON is thrilled to be able to debut Dark and Darker Mobile for the first-time at G-STAR 2023,” said Rafael Lim, Senior Head of Publishing Business Division at KRAFTON. “We believe that Dark and Darker Mobile will resonate with mobile players by capturing the spirit of the PC version with engaging survival mechanics, immersive exploration, and intense extraction gameplay. Our goal is to surpass fan expectations with a truly unique mobile gaming experience.” 

In Dark and Darker Mobile, adventurers will choose from five different classes (Fighter, Barbarian, Ranger, Rogue, and Cleric) before embarking on a daring journey filled with hidden treasures, unique environments, and emergent gameplay opportunities. As adventurers seek untold riches from dark dungeons, a mysterious magnetic field called the Darkswarm slowly forces opposing players and other dangers closer together. In order to escape with their loot and their lives, adventurers must find an escape portal or lose everything. Each adventure promises a new story to tell with an opportunity for limitless treasures or absolute doom.

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