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Netmarble, a leading developer and publisher of high-quality mobile games, has launched a new update for SEVEN KNIGHTS IDLE ADVENTURE allowing players to experience several new heroes, a Hall of Fame system, and a brand new region. Starting today, players can choose from three new heroes, who will join Lu Bu from the previous game update, to become members of the Four Lords:

  • Guan Yu is a Defense Type Hero who has a passive skill that grants stun and knockback immunity to allies as well as grants a one-time immortality buff when incapacitated. He also has a strong survivability rate that deals critical hits and generates a shield that negates 3 sources of damage.
  • Zhao Yun is a Melee Type Hero with buffs that increase his final attack damage and final critical damage. His critical hits can also stun enemies, allowing him to attack and defend at the same time.
  • Da Qiao is a Ranged Type Hero with a passive skill that increases her critical hit chance and grants her the ability to remove buffs from her basic and critical hits. Critical hits deal huge damage      and apply a debuff that reduces the enemies’ defense stat.


The Hall of Fame system allows the first three players per server who complete the highest stage to      be inducted into the “Hall of Fame,” granting them an exclusive profile frame. This system will run seasonally, so be sure to check back often for a chance to claim SEVEN KNIGHTS IDLE ADVENTURE immortality. Players can explore Territory 10, Neverseen Woods, and an expansion to the Infinite Tower that reaches up to 600 floors. New costumes are also available for Guan Yu, Zhao Yun, and Da Qiao.

To celebrate the full arrival of the Four Lords, several new in-game events are now available through November 29, including a Rate Up event to obtain the new heroes. The Season of Reading Carnival event allows players to obtain the Legendary hero Aleem and various rewards including Gold, Hero EXP, and more.

Based on their flagship franchise and the successor to the original Seven Knights game, SEVEN KNIGHTS IDLE ADVENTURE has been reimagined as an idle RPG. Developed with low capacity and low specification devices in mind with a guiding principle of easy playability, players will experience an expanded storyline with previously untold episodes of the original Seven Knights heroes. Collect and nurture returning fan-favorites who have been reborn as cute SD characters. Featuring over 143 Seven Knights heroes, 25 pets, and 187 hero costumes, players can look forward to a variety of features and modes.

As an official continuation of Seven Knights, a game enjoyed by 60 million players globally, SEVEN KNIGHTS IDLE ADVENTURE will be an exciting addition for fans looking to learn more and interact with their favorite heroes with a low time investment

For more information on SEVEN KNIGHTS IDLE ADVENTURE, please be sure to stay tuned to the official brand website for future updates. The game will introduce many more heroes and modes in the coming months.

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