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Mavs Gaming Announces 2024 NBA 2K League Roster

Mavs Gaming Announces 2024 NBA 2K League Roster

During the 2024 NBA 2K League Draft, Mavs Gaming selected Emmanuel “FantaSZN” Gosman with the 24th pick. This pick, presented by Chime, will prove to strategically set up the team for the upcoming seventh NBA 2K season, and beyond.

“We’re excited to add Fanta to our team,” said Mavs Gaming Head Coach, Bobby Jones. “He provides an offensive advantage, because he can really score the ball and he’s improved as a playmaker. He also fits the culture that we want to build here with the Mavs.”

The 2024 draft pool consisted of 160 players. During the three-round draft, the 25 NBA 2K League teams selected 35 players to complete their five-person rosters ahead of the league’s 2024 season.

After the sixth season of the NBA 2K League, Mavs Gaming retained Jeri “Jarsity” Peña and traded for Connor “Shotz” Rodrigues and Justin “Kapp” Kaplan. In a historic move, former Mavs Gaming Head Coach and 2022 NBA 2K League MVP Ryan “Dayfri” Conger returned to the league as a player for Mavs Gaming. Former Assistant Coach Bobby Jones stepped up as head coach and league veteran Andron Thomas was hired as the new assistant coach. The Mavs Gaming season officially tips off Feb. 28 with THE SLAM OPEN 3v3 Tournament.

Mavs Gaming Announces 2024 NBA 2K League Roster

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