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MotoGP 24 Review for PlayStation 5

Developer and publisher Milestone are known for bike racing games, especially MotoGP and Ride. And this year as well Milestone has released the new MotoGP 24.

Milestone has been providing us with versions of MotoGP for over a decade now. Compared to my last review of MotoGP 22, the 2024 version is a great improvement. The gameplay is significantly improved compared to 2022, like better and more realistic physics, that includes the look and feel of all the bikes is very much polished. That also includes its easier for the new players of the series to get used to the game.

MotoGP 24 Review for PlayStation 5

During the gameplay, AI has been improved which brings in a different challenge for players, as AI feels more like a player itself, adapting and improving. This adds additional complexity to the races, and you can see AI making mistakes like normal players, like bumping and crashing.

One additional thing that differentiates MotoGP 24 from previous versions is the addition of Riders Market, in the career mode. This adds strategy to the career mode and also where players can manage rider transfers. This also includes standings in the Career mode, which can drastically change.

Overall, the graphics have improved but it’s not a drastic leap in graphics; Not sure if its possible to utilize the full potential of the current gen platforms, though that is something tough to take care of considering how much optimization is required per platform.

Also other than Riders Market, there is no other huge innovation that would attract many new players to the series, since most of the casual players would rather stick with more of an arcade bike game, rather than an actual racing simulator. So this may not be a game for the majority of gamers out there.

Though I would definitely say it would attract a lot of bike enthusiasts and will definitely enjoy the racing simulator that Milestone provides through MotoGP 24. I would rate it 7 stars out of 10.

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