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MUTE Protocol 3 Redux has Begun in Rainbow Six Siege

Today marks the start of MUTE Protocol 3 Redux in Rainbow Six Siege, which revives the battle between Robotics and Organics in the Tower Map’s retro-futuristic remake. Players compete against one another in Arms Race, a game mode that functions like a team deathmatch with an increasing twist, during the limited-time event, which runs through July 31. Three new cosmetic bundles, Glaz, Alibi, and Brava, as well as four upgraded bundles, Oryx, Lion, Vigil, and Ying, have been added to the MUTE Protocol Collection. During the event, players can earn free cosmetics by signing up, finishing weekly challenges, and earning Twitch Drops.

Check out the MUTE Protocol 3 Redux Rainbow Six Siege Trailer:

Every player begins the Arms Race game mode with the identical weapon. Players will receive new weapons every time they defeat an opponent; they have to advance through the weapon tiers to reach the summit, where they will receive a golden hammer, which they must use to break through the brain case and win the round. The winning team is the first to win two rounds. Every consecutive round takes place on a higher floor than the previous one on the MUTE Comm Tower edition of the Tower map. Arms Race is a fast-paced game that keeps the intensity rising, with respawning enabled and power-ups to speed up the action.

This time, the MUTE Protocol Collection adds three new bundles: Glaz and Brava (Organics) and Alibi (Robotics), dividing the Siege Operators between the two categories. Oryx, Lion, Vigil, and Ying—four of the earlier Robotics bundles—are now accessible and have been modified for this occasion. A unique dynamic Memento MP5K weapon skin will be awarded to players who gather all seven packs.

To receive your complimentary MUTE Collection Pack, log in during the event. You can also unlock more packs and an updated Robotics bundle for Mute by completing weekly tasks. For information on how to obtain a complimentary skin for Kapkan throughout the event, keep an eye on the Twitch Drops Campaign page.

For the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC (via the Ubisoft Store, Steam, and Epic Game Store), and PS Vita, Rainbow Six Siege is currently playable. It also comes with a Ubisoft+ Premium subscription.

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