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Solo Leveling: ARISE New Update Features New Hunter YOO SOOHYUN

A new hunter content update and other features have been added to Solo Leveling: ARISE by Netmarble, the well-known publisher and developer of top-notch mobile games. As part of this update, players can take part in exclusive events and win priceless prizes.

Yoo Soohyun, the newest hunter, is an SSR mage of the fire type who fires magic to break through opponents’ strong defenses. Yoo Soohyun absorbs magical energy within her guns and releases it all at once when she employs her ultimate power, “Zeroed-in Blast.” Her “Kill Shot” skill fires two consecutive rounds followed by a third, strong shot. She can also use her “Trick Shot” skill to fire a large-caliber bullet.

Solo Leveling: ARISE New Update Features New Hunter YOO SOOHYUN

With this update, players may now take on the Battlefield of Trials Challenge, where they can conquer levels and complete missions to receive a variety of goodies. For players that have finished every story in the Hunter Archive, there is additional brand-new content available in the Secret Library. By completing the material, players can gain Secret Library Progress Points and can even win Hunter costumes as special rewards.

Players can also now equip SSR Phoenix Soul, a new weapon, on Sung Jinwoo. The Hunter Archive now has never-before-told stories of Yoo Soohyun and Baek Yoonho, and the Battlefield of Trials has been extended to Floor 50. Additional enhancements include the new Point System for the Battlefield of Chaos and improved stats for Tier 3 and Tier 4 Gems.

Solo Leveling: ARISE is now offering a variety of special events through July 31, which include:

  • Summer Event Prelude Check-In: For those who check in throughout the event period, players will receive a variety of gifts, such as Heroic Rune Chest, Heroic Blessing Stone Chest, and Yoo Soohyun’s exclusive SSR weapon, “Overdrive.”
  • Yoo Soohyun Release Celebration! Capsule Draw: With the tickets you get from finishing missions, you can get SSR Overdrive, Rate Up Draw Tickets, [Event] Yoo Soohyun’s Weapon Design, and more.
  • Yoo Soohyun Growth Tournament: To gain points throughout the event duration, complete the unique quests. Players will have the opportunity to win a variety of prizes, such as SSR Overdrive, Hunter Exclusive Weapon Design, Rare Run Chest, and more, based on the number of points they have accrued.

Solo Leveling: ARISE is an action game that is adapted from the popular Webtoon series. Assuming the character of Jinwoo, players may follow his level progressions and go through the cherished webtoon story firsthand. They can engage in intense combat and develop their own fighting strategies by combining a variety of abilities and weaponry. Players can form alliances with Webtoon hunters as well as call forth their own “Army of Shadows,” exactly like Jinwoo did in the Webtoon when he spoke the famous “Arise!” line.

You can visit the Solo Leveling: ARISE official website, X, Facebook, Instagram, Discord, official YouTube channel and Steam for the latest information.

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