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New Games and Updates for Favorite Titles Revealed during Today’s tinyBuild Connect

Today, publisher tinyBuild presented “tinyBuild Connect,” a showcase that unveiled new games and highlighted updates for games that have already been released and those that are still in development. tinyBuild launched one of its largest Steam publisher offers to history to start the celebrations, with up to 80% off discounts on its renowned portfolio through Monday, May 27.

New Games and Updates for Favorite Titles Revealed during Today's tinyBuild Connect

tinyBuild has grown to be one of the biggest publishers and developers in the indie/AA market since it was founded more than ten years ago. The business has won awards for its outstanding catalog, which features popular properties including Graveyard Keeper and Hello Neighbor.

The stellar roster of 14 games on tinyBuild Connect included both previously revealed and newly announced titles.

  • Everything functions only when you pay strict attention to Today is the releasing date for the Steam demo of the roguelite kingdom construction game The King is Watching.
  • Players may sign up for Drill Core’s first free playtest on Steam, where corporate greed meets strategic planet-mining, at no cost.
  • In the new extraction first-person shooter SAND, you control tramplers through a dangerous desert planet. The game’s gameplay was unveiled along with the news that a beta test will take place this summer.
  • The mysterious teaser for the horror multiplayer extraction shooter Level Zero: Extraction suggests a significant announcement is imminent.
  • In the new open playtest of DUCKSIDE, a survival shooter akin to Rust, start shooting opponents with your keen eyes on June 6.
  • Get your modern firearms ready and wreck havoc on medieval battlefields in Kingmakers’ first glimpse at its destructible terrain mechanics.
  • Open-world sandbox RPG experience A preview of the significant announcement that Streets of Rogue 2 will make later this summer is given.
  • RAWMEN: On Tuesday, July 23, Food Fighter Arena invades the Epic Games Store with free-to-play food fights.
  • Propaganda simulator with many awards Not for Broadcast prepares for the camera with a mystery that bends time with the new Timeloop DLC
  • On Thursday, May 30, the fast-paced adventure role-playing game Astor: Blade of Monolith will battle it out on PC and platforms.
  • On Thursday, August 8, the third installment of the adored railway sim manager franchise Train Valley World will crash onto PCs.
  • Cozy survival/base builder in a post-apocalyptic setting The Solar Energy Update is now live in I Am Future, offering all future residents new gameplay features and enhancements!
  • Dark fantasy role-playing game in an upgraded Steam demo, VOIN battles demons.
  • Punch Club 2: Fast Forward, a fighting management simulator, gets knockout-ready with new Iron Fist DLC, bringing a fresh plot to PC and consoles soon.

You can watch the tinyBuild Connect video HERE

Visit tinyBuild’s official website and follow @tinyBuild on X-Twitter for additional information.

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