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tinyBuild Announces New Persistent World Survival Game DUCKSIDE

Here are no April Fools’ jokes! With a new trailer, tinyBuild Games presents DUCKSIDE, a new persistent world survival game.

tinyBuild Announces New Persistent World Survival Game DUCKSIDE

A few details regarding DUCKSIDE:

  • You take on the role of a DUCK
  • Rust and DayZ meet with a fowl twist – In the persistent universe of DUCKSIDE, the player takes control of a combat-ready duck with webbed feet
  • With servers that can accommodate up to 50 players, you can play alone or in groups
  • Make use of complex and intuitive systems for basebuilding, crafting, and upgrading
  • sophisticated flight controls that let the player dive, accelerate, glide, and hover—even when engaged in combat
  • Explore and learn about this vast, colorful open world
  • The design of DUCKSIDE has placed a great emphasis on producing memorable moments and emergent gaming experiences

Check out the new DUCKSIDE trailer:

You can wishlist DUCKSIDE for PC via Steam right now.

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