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Schell Games and Pittsburgh Knights Team Up for Live Charity Streaming Event with Wiz Khalifa

Schell Games and Pittsburgh Knights Team Up for Live Charity Streaming Event with Wiz Khalifa

PITTSBURGH, PA ー June 17, 2020 ー The Pittsburgh Knights are excited to announce a unique digital experience with Schell Games and its virtual reality (VR) sword fighting game, Until You Fall.

The Knights are hosting a charity live stream on Saturday, July 11, 2020, with partner, Wiz Khalifa, called the Wiz and Friends Charity Live Stream. The goal for this event is to raise money for Rise Above the Disorder (RAD), a nonprofit dedicated to making mental health care accessible to everyone.

During this stream, Khalifa, a Forbes-profiled businessman and multi-platinum recording artist, and his friends will be entertaining fans, hanging out with other celebrities, musicians, and athletes, and playing video games with friends and fans, both live and online. One of the games being featured on this live stream will be Schell Games’ Until You Fall.

Until You Fall is a virtual reality sword-fighting game that fuses melee and magic and empowers players to become masters of their own combat style. Rated “Overwhelmingly Positive” by players on Steam, a well-known digital distribution service for video games, the game is as visually stunning as it is exciting. Players battle corrupted humanoids and monstrous creatures in this arcade-style hack-and-slash rougelite.

“We’re really excited to feature Until You Fall on our Wiz and Friends charity stream,” said Knights’ president James O’Connor. “We love Schell Games because their team is incredibly innovative, the game is fantastic, and it’s a local Pittsburgh company. I think it will be a real treat for people tuning into the Wiz and Friends charity stream to see this game live in action.”


“In a time when the Covid-19 pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement has swept across the U.S., everyone involved with this event believes it is especially important to extend care and support to those combating adversity and in need of mental health care. Raising funds for RAD is a direct way to help those who do not have easy access to this much-needed healthcare,” continued O’Connor.

Viewers of The Wiz and Friends Charity Livestream event can tune in and donate at

Schell Games is an award-winning game development company that has worked with The Walt Disney Company, Google, and Facebook among other notable companies. Until You Fall can be downloaded from the Oculus Rift store and Steam.

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