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STORMGATE Heading to Steam Early Access August 13

Established by former members of Blizzard Entertainment’s StarCraft II and Warcraft III real-time strategy game teams, Frost Giant Studios has revealed that Stormgate, their much awaited real-time strategy game, will launch on Steam Early Access on August 13, 2024. Pre-purchasing an Early Access bundle, which is currently available for PC via Steam, will let those eager to start their journey toward mastery early and start playing the game on July 30.

Check out the STORMGATE Third Faction Celestial Reveal Trailer:

Today at the PC Gaming Show, Stormgate’s Early Access release date was disclosed along with the introduction of the game’s hitherto unseen third faction, the Celestial Armada. The Celestials are a race of highly evolved extraterrestrial travelers who have come to Earth to confront the demonic Infernal Host for sovereignty over our planet, with humanity caught in the middle. They were once a closely guarded secret known only to thousands of our confidential beta testers.

Visit the Celestials faction page on the official Stormgate website to learn more about the Celestials, who some playtesters have dubbed the most inventive RTS faction they have ever encountered.

STORMGATE Heading to Steam Early Access August 13

Although Stormgate will be free to play, users can purchase Early Access bundles to have access to a variety of fascinating new game content to check out when the game launches.

  • The Early Access Pack ($25 USD) includes the Gold Vanguard Army Accent, the first Chapter of the Vanguard campaign, and the Amara Human Vanguard Hero.
  • The Deluxe Early Access Pack ($40 USD) includes the Maloc Infernal Host Hero, the Auralanna Celestial Armada Hero, and the Chicken Pet in addition to everything found in the Early Access Pack.
  • The Ultimate Early Access Pack ($60 USD) contains all of the content found in the Deluxe Early Access Pack in addition to the Firestorm Fog of War Shader and Chapters 2 and 3 of the Vanguard campaign, which will be accessible after August 13.

Two weeks before to the official Early Access release date of August 13, on July 30, 2024, each Stormgate Early Access package offers preview access to Stormgate. After the preview time, hero progression and leaderboard rankings won’t be reset.

Visit for additional information about Stormgate, including information about the Early Access Packs and preview period. You can join the Reddit debate and become a part of the official community on Discord. is another place where you may watch gameplay from our most recent Stormgate beta test. As we draw closer to the formal Early Access release in the coming months, make sure to check back for further updates.

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