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Killing Floor 3 by Tripwire Interactive Releases First Gruesome Gameplay Trailer

Developer and publisher Tripwire Interactive has unveiled the first official gameplay trailer for Killing Floor 3, the eagerly awaited third installment in the studio’s illustrious Killing Floor franchise, following the exclusive presentation during the PC Gaming Show as part of Summer Game Fest. The latest teaser, which is awash in never-before-seen imagery, offers a closer look at the game’s gory, spectacular combat. When Killing Floor 3 is released in early 2025, it promises to bring the terror back into action with more blood, more guns, and more hideous Zeds than ever before.

Check out the Killing Floor 3 First Gameplay Trailer HERE

Killing Floor 3 by Tripwire Interactive Releases First Gruesome Gameplay Trailer

The first three new playable Nightfall specialists are shown in the gameplay footage for Killing Floor 3, featuring the much awaited return of Mr. Foster, the beloved commando. Each specialist has a distinct set of abilities and skills that provide them and their group a fighting advantage, along with a devastating array of weaponry and cutting-edge military technology that can be fully customized. With new levels of verticality and traversability, Killing Floor 3 maps come to life. When paired with improvements to player movement, such sprinting and climbing, and the addition of lethal environmental traps, these maps offer specialists new ways to adapt and survive. Horzine’s Zeds have been revamped for maximum carnage. Their new techniques for eliminating experts are more gory and potent than ever thanks to improvements in armament, movement, AI, and enemy behavior. Finally, fans may finally feast their eyes on The Impaler, one of Horzine’s most recent masterpieces, for the first time.

Bryan Wynia, Studio Creative Director at Tripwire Interactive, stated, “We are incredibly excited for players to experience the action/horror world we are creating for Killing Floor 3. Today we released our first gameplay trailer giving fans an extended look at the game that we’ve been busy developing, and the absolute carnage they can expect when Killing Floor 3 launches in early 2025!”

The Battle Starts with Nightfall in Killing Floor 3

The renowned co-op action/horror first-person shooter series continues with Killing Floor 3. Seventy years have passed after the events of Killing Floor 2, and megacorp Horzine has created the ultimate army—an obedient horde of bio-engineered monstrosities known as Zeds—in the year 2091. Now, the rebel rogue squad known as Nightfall is the only thing standing between these demonic inventions and humanity’s future. In this gripping first-person shooter, players assume the role of Nightfall specialists and team up with up to five other players to fight through a dystopian future wrecked by war, evading relentless waves of Zeds, developing new abilities, and amassing the ultimate arsenal.

Killing Floor 3, created and distributed by Tripwire Interactive, is presently being developed for the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC (through Steam and the Epic Games Store). It is currently available for wishlisting on all stores. More information will be revealed later on.

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