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Super Bomberman R 2 Review for PlayStation 5

I was going to say I was a longtime fan of the Bomberman series, but to be honest I hadn’t realized how long it’s been since the last time I played one of the games. I, unfortunately, never got around to Konomi’s 2017 release of “Super Bomberman R,” but, with the release of this new sequel falling into my lap, I was very curious to see how much has changed in this franchise. Serendipitously, the release of “Super Bomberman R 2” marks the 40th anniversary of this iconic gaming franchise. While Bomberman titles may not grace our screens as frequently as they once did, I’m glad there is still an audience and it’s always a pleasure to see this familiar character in action once more.

The game kicks off with your standard narrative from these sorts of games, where a massive mechanical obsidian moon, commanded by an unfamiliar species, looms menacingly over Planet Bomber, posing an imminent threat. In a courageous turn of events, the 8 Bomberman Siblings, accompanied by their recently forged alliances, must come together to face this perilous menace and foil the plans of its enigmatic leader. The story mode in “Super Bomberman R 2” does offer a nice blend of exploration, base construction, castle defense, and epic boss battles. While you will be primarily in a usual grid like gameplay, there is a decent amount of variety here. While the grid isn’t always super fun to look at aesthetically, the game does do its best to change up the atmosphere and take the journey to different worlds such as Planet Fulvita, Planet Aquastar, and the enigmatic Unknown Planet.

Super Bomberman R 2 Review for PlayStation 5

While “Super Bomberman R 2” offers a variety of modes, some were more enjoyable for me than others. Castle Mode, for example, didn’t quite capture my attention as much as I had hoped. It felt like a familiar experience, and I was craving more innovation in this beloved series. One of the game’s standout features is the Battle mode and its variety, offering an array of exciting options. While Castle Mode didn’t quite capture my enthusiasm, I recognize its potential appeal. The concept behind it is undeniably intriguing, allowing for an exhilarating 16-player showdown in a thrilling 1 Vs 15 scenario. In this mode, participants are divided into two teams: the formidable “Attack Side” consisting of 15 players and the solitary defender on the “Castle Side.” The mission is crystal clear – the Attack Side endeavors to secure the key and reach the coveted treasure, while the Castle Side undertakes the challenge of erecting impregnable defenses to thwart their relentless advances. The attackers scour the stage in search of keys, with the ultimate goal of unlocking treasure chests zealously guarded by the Castle Side. This mode unfolds as a high-stakes battle of intellect, making adept use of stage gimmicks, the assistance of Ellons, and a diverse arsenal of weapons to fend off the determined attackers.

Another exhilarating addition to the Battle mode roster is Grand Prix Mode, tailor-made for two teams comprising three players each, and probably the best mode to play with your friends. This mode presents players with a choice between two primary game types: “Basic Bomber,” where points are accrued for vanquishing adversaries, and “Crystals,” where the collection of these precious gems bolsters your team’s overall score. I had a good time here, but it quickly lost my attention. My personal favorite has to be “Battle 64,” a pretty intense battle royale experience that can accommodate an impressive 64 players. The relentless struggle for survival in this mode can be rather addicting and I love the pure mayhem of it, and at times did provide an adrenaline-fueled experience.

Beyond the action-packed Battle mode, “Super Bomberman R 2” introduces a level editor that empowers players to craft their own custom battle maps for use in Castle Mode. The array of objects and traps at your disposal is extensive, allowing for boundless creativity. If you so decide to make a map, you can playtest it to ensure it’s just right and have the option to share it with the gaming community, I’m pretty awful at this sort of thing and I opted not to share. The ability to create and share custom maps adds an extra layer of excitement and replayability to the game, which is a smart thing to implement in a game like this. While “Super Bomberman R 2” excels in delivering the classic Bomberman experience, complete with some new modes and features, part of me was hoping for a touch more innovation to breathe new life into the franchise. Nevertheless, for die-hard Bomberman fans, I can see this game being an easy recommendation. While I had a nice little nostalgic journey hanging out with this classic bomber, I sort of feel like I need to wait quite a while longer to get that fresh Bomberman experience I was hoping for.


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