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Highrise City Review for Steam

Creating your city can be fun, especially if you want your imagination to live in a city that’s to your liking. In Highrise City, by developer Fourexo Entertainment and publisher Deck13, you get to make the city of your dreams with all of the tools and land that you need in order to make it happen. Managing the mechanics of what to do, along with the tools that you need to develop your city, is easy with the many types of building structures that you can use for the land, making roads, and creating a futuristic city that can make their own.

Highrise City Review for Steam

Highrise City begins with land as well as a lake at your disposal. The game has options on what I could use to build a city, with economic points on what is needed for what I was about to make. I didn’t know much about how the economic building plan works in real life, but I understood what the game told me to do. I started by making a road in one part of the land. Plus, it showed me how much money I am spending when extending and making the road. I put in multiple houses and buildings to try to make it look like a town to me. There were features such as a sheep farm, water tower, schools, and a factory. I added a school to make it more relative to what a town and city should look like. I then added a textile factory as well. It took around an hour to build a great town that was to my liking. Then I completed a perfect town with houses, roads that I can name, schools, warehouses, and factories. Then, I got a chance to build a city that took a bit more time in order to make it look like the Future of New York City, with the buildings, nuclear power, and houses.

I continued building for several more rounds of making different towns in order to achieve my goal of getting to the building level. While doing so, I had to carefully check how much I was spending and looking to see if the buildings were stable enough for citizens. I had a little trouble coordinating the amount of money it took in order to complete a city to my liking.

Highrise City is a  pretty engaging building game that I certainly enjoyed when comparing to similar games that I have played in the past. The game felt to me more like what constructor workers and interior designers would do. The gameplay in Highrise City was good, but in my opinion, it needed to be a bit more exciting. Still, it was a good building game that I think people will enjoy.

Highrise City is available for PC via Steam.

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