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The International 2023: All You Need to Know about the Biggest Dota 2 Championship this Year

The International, which is Dota 2’s grand championship, has over the years become a major point of interest for participating teams, esports organizers and investors. Every year teams from all over the world give all they can and fight for a place in this prestigious tournament. The International this year will be held in Seattle, Washington.

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Like the year before, the format for invitations to The International is point-based. The tournament will be in two stages: the group stage (announced as “road to the international”) and playoffs (to be announced as “the international”).

The International 2023: All You Need to Know about the Biggest Dota 2 Championship this Year


Twelve teams qualify through the DPC. To be among the twelve that qualify through the DPC, you have to amass enough points throughout the year from the tours. The points have a lower value at the start but increase in value as the year progresses.

The other eight teams are from the Regional Qualifiers with NA, EE, CN and SEA each producing a single team. WE and SA each produce two teams.

The group stage will take place from 12-15 October, 2023. The first phase will include four groups of five teams each. After a round-robin, the best two teams in each group will be selected to play the third and fourth placed teams in the opposing group. The last team in each group automatically gets eliminated from the competition.

The second phase consists of the teams that will have remained. They will go head to head and then we will get to know the participants for the main event which will take place between the 20th to 29th of October. During that period, the playoffs will take place on 20-22 October while the much awaited finals will be on 27-29 October.

Those Already Qualified

Twelve teams are already through to The International through direct invitation. These are the teams that have been exceptional during the DPC tours and have accumulated the top twelve highest points earning themselves a coveted spot on Dota 2’s biggest stage. To complete the list are eight regional qualifiers that have also earned a seat at the biggest stage by conquering the eight Dota 2 regions. Who will come out on top of the pack? We can only wait and see

In its characteristic fashion, Valve is yet to make information about the prize pool public. This has left lots of room for speculation. It is however difficult to predict whether it will surpass last year’s prize pool since for the first time since the inception of the tournament last year’s prize pool was lower than that of the preceding year. This actually caught everyone by surprise and broke the long tradition we had gotten accustomed to. And so with bated breath we can only await Valve’s announcement to know what is up for grabs this year.

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