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Timeless Dungeon 2 Tough Endgame Challenge for Runes of Magic Now Available

Timeless Dungeon 2 Tough Endgame Challenge for Runes of Magic Now Available

Gameforge invites players of Runes of Magic to explore the well-traveled paths of the ancient cult site, the Mystic Altar, announcing that the Shadows of the Altar challenge is now accessible. With an appearance of false familiarity, this modified version offers a thrilling challenge as former friends, old enemies, and seven powerful bosses battle in the recently added instance, The Mystic Altar (Hard).

The brave explorers of Runes of Magic, whose parties are limited to a maximum of twelve players, must take up arms in order to drive out the approaching darkness. Aukuda the Hero, the new boss of the instance, and previous strong bosses like Dorlos, Razeela, and the Flaming Nightmare stand in their way. These bosses have all returned with increased power on an endgame difficulty level.

Only available to level 100 players who have completed the “Knowledge of the Elders” objectives from Shamar, unlocked peak levels, and reached level 100, this is one of the hardest missions in Runes of Magic’s fifteen-year existence.

Check out the Runes of Magic Shadows New Endgame Challenge Over the Altar Trailer:

A generous reward awaits those who bravely advance through The Mystic Altar (Hard) instance. While Mystic Chests are scattered around the dungeon and can be traded for Accessories of the Mystic with the adventurer Loric, each defeated boss will drop treasure!

Runes of Magic can be played for free on a Windows PC via Steam and the official website. You can follow X-Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube for additional information.

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