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Video Games: The Lure for Millennials to Get into Casinos

How can you encourage millennials to take an interest in casinos? Apparently, the answer already exists.

Video games have been played by many generations, with some old titles enjoyed by much younger kids. Casinos, too, are pretty old and attract slightly older to senior clientele. Since there is a video game-hungry younger generation, maybe adding that sort of attraction is seen as a way to get them into casinos.

This very idea of using video games to lure the millennial generation isn’t one that was cooked up in 2019. A piece was published on The New York Times about this back in 2016. The idea makes sense given how many businesses have upgraded their facilities just to attract the attention of a younger audience.

Another way this makes sense? Young people are already visiting places like Las Vegas where gambling is widespread. The only problem is that they don’t actually spend that much in casinos.

How can video games change that?

Legislation introducing skill-based games

In Nevada, a legislation was passed in January 2015 to introduce skill-based games into casinos. It just took a couple of months for it to get signed – June of the same year to be exact. That quick span of time between passing legislation and getting it approved shows that the casino industry in the state desperately wants the younger generation inside casino premises.

How can you attract a generation that grew up with digital almost everything in digital format into an establishment that is still mostly analog?

There’s no question that playing slots is interesting but that game won’t strike a chord with many millennials. This is a generation that grew up with Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja, and similar apps. Introducing something similar on the casino floor might just pique their interest.

Leaving some of the old behind?

 While putting up skill-based games in casinos is a good idea, it wouldn’t make unbiast look at online casinos to rid it completely off elements that make it a “casino.” Clients can still play blackjack while others can enjoy roulette. For the younger generation, developing the skills to succeed in such games can be done online.

There are several sites that offer casino games, ones where actual betting takes place. Since there are a myriad of them, going to review sites like can help narrow down prospects for those players based in the UK looking to play for real money online. Gambling on online casinos may not feel like the real thing but it allows users to gain the experience needed to survive in face-to-face situations.

There’s also another good reason for leaving some of the old stuff behind: letting them go completely just to attract a new crowd risks making casinos look like an arcade. While there’s nothing wrong with arcades, casinos were created for the purpose of gambling. And it’s for that reason that some aren’t in complete agreement over adding skill-based games into casinos.

After all, why would you encourage a younger generation to spend what little money they have for a shot at walking out with so much more? Some argue that video games are meant to develop certain skills, not throw away money. Those who are in favor of skill-based games in casino floors counter that such games are meant for entertainment.

Casino-video game connection

Some of the biggest titles on the planet feature some form of gambling. Red Dead Redemption 2 has a storyline that involves playing a game of poker. Sure, the stakes aren’t that high in the game but it’s something a character has to go through to complete a challenge.

Given that Vegas is in the very title of one of the games in the Fallout series, it follows that a lot of gambling is involved. In the game, players can choose to play blackjack, roulette, or slots – very classic games you’ll see in physical casinos.

Offering options to help a younger generation appreciate and enjoy old delights is always a good idea. After all, what will happen to establishments like casinos when there’s no one left who enjoys it? The debate on the use of skill-based games to lure millennials into the world of gambling will most definitely continue, but one thing is for sure: the casino industry needs to attract the younger audience. Putting up skill-based games is one solution. Other casinos have opted for sports betting, and in the case of one Philadelphia casino, the move actually worked.

The hit TV show Friends featured a couple of Las Vegas-centric episodes, including some scenes of gambling. They were a young group of friends but the young of today are less likely to be attracted to traditional casino games. If casinos want to attract their attention, offering options that they will take an interest in is one way to go.

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