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Watch Nightdive Studios’ New Deep Dive Podcast, Diving into Killing Time: Resurrected

The most recent installment of “Deep Dive,” a biweekly podcast series by video game remaster developer Nightdive Studios that takes you behind the scenes of the well-known team to discover more about its collection of critically acclaimed retro titles, has been released.

This episode takes a deeper look at Nightdive Studios and Ziggurat Interactive’s upcoming project, Killing Time: Resurrected, a comedy horror first-person shooter that was first revealed in 1995 and is set to release in June at Guerrilla Collective 2024. Interviews with Josh “Slartibarty” Dowel, a Nightdive developer, and Albert Marin Garau, a Nightdive artist, reveal how the FMV sprites and other visuals from Killing Time have been reworked for HD platforms and what kind of content fans may anticipate being restored.

Check out the Killing Time: Resurrected Deep Dive Episode HERE

Watch Nightdive Studios' New Deep Dive Podcast, Diving into Killing Time: Resurrected

Dimitris “Modern Vintage Gamer” Giannakis presents the Deep Dive podcast for Nightdive Studios. Morgan Shaver, the company’s communications manager, and Locke Vincent, the video producer, serve as co-hosts. Every other Monday, new episodes will be posted on YouTube to provide viewers a better peek into the projects that the Nightdive team is working on through developer interviews and behind-the-scenes videos. In addition, Nightdive community shout-outs and giveaways, such as fan art highlights, favorite comments, and more, will be included in the episodes. Fans of Nightdive Studios can download the Deep Dive podcast from iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, and YouTube.

About Killing Time: Resurrected:

Resurrected is the HD version of the hilarious horror shooter that was previously referred to as “the bastard child of Doom and The 7th Guest.” The original Killing Time, which debuted in 1995, became an instant popularity with gamers who like mystery, action, adventure, and puzzle games. Features of Killing Time: Resurrected include enhanced environmental texturing, smoother gameplay, more responsive controls, extended control and key-bind settings, and toggleable high-resolution character artwork/sprites from the original 3DO and PC versions of the game.

In Killing Time: Resurrected, which takes place in the early 1930s, players take on the role of a former Egyptology student imprisoned on Tess Conway’s affluent estate. Ms. Conway’s practice of giving lifelong happiness backfires, and her pals from high society disappear. In order to break the curse of the mysterious Egyptian Water-Clock and confront a plethora of otherworldly monsters, players must locate and destroy it.

Watch Nightdive Studios' New Deep Dive Podcast, Diving into Killing Time: Resurrected

Killing Time: Resurrected Key Features:

  • Murder Around Every Corner: An intense horror experience for those who truly enjoy first-person corridor mayhem
  • Ghost Stories: Hear the seven video-real apparitions’ and ghostly guests’ memories. They provide hints as to what horrific previous events actually took place at the cursed home.
  • Marvelous Graphics: Rotate 360 degrees and look up and down at this stunning scene. The three-story home has outdoor spaces, stairwells, and floors and ceilings with fine details.
  • Keep Your Guard Up! This historic haunt is quite enticing because to its original soundtrack, I think. But exercise caution. There are terrible hazards in every room and hallway in the estate.
  • Maximum Efficiency: Play continuously without having to wait for a region to load.
  • Redesigned controls: Enhanced to accommodate gamepads from PlayStation and Xbox

Later this year, PlayStation 4|5, Xbox One and Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Windows PC gamers will be able to play Killing Time: Resurrected via Steam and GOG.  You can add it to your wishlist right now.

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