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We Have Max Payne Remake at Home

Max Payne Remake is currently in the works, but it’s nowhere near being finished. For those of you who can’t wait, I have good news. We have Max Payne Remake at home thanks to this impressive Max Payne RTX ON demo, by Slasks Psybunker, using NVIDIA’s RTX Remix.

We Have Max Payne Remake at Home

Unfortunately it’s only the first level of the classic game by Remedy. Only the first level so far. Regardless, if you would like to try it out it’s available for free on Moddb.

We Have Max Payne Remake at Home

The demo looks amazing. The screenshots do show textures that are a little too shiny, but that can be changed in the mods settings. Either way, you haven’t experienced Max Payne like this ever before.

We Have Max Payne Remake at Home

The demo is not perfect as there can occasionally be flashes of the original game’s textures during gunfire. You can watch the entire demo being played HERE.

Will you be having Max Payne Remake at home by downloading this? Sound off in the comments below…

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