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Absurd Ventures to Debut Original Audio Fiction Series A BETTER PARADISE Universe

Dan Houser’s entertainment firm, Absurd Ventures, will make its creative debut on June 10, 2024, with the premiere of a new 12-episode audio fiction series called IP A BETTER PARADISE. The project is being produced in collaboration with the award-winning audio production company QCODE.

Absurd Ventures to Debut Original Audio Fiction Series A BETTER PARADISE Universe

In addition to serving as creative director and lead writer for the Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, and Bully video game series, Houser was a co-founder of Rockstar Games.

Written and illustrated by Houser, “A BETTER PARADISE Volume One: An Aftermath” is the first tale in a vast new universe. He is now working on multiple unique IP universes under the Absurd Ventures umbrella, including A BETTER PARADISE. The director of the show is Lazlow Jones, a longtime world-building and storytelling collaborator of Houser.

Renowned actors Rain Spencer (THE SUMMER I TURNED PRETTY), Paterson Joseph (WONKA), Andrew Lincoln (THE WALKING DEAD), and Shamier Anderson (JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4) are among the cast members of the radio drama series.

Apart from the release of Volume One of the A BETTER PARADISE audio series, Houser, Lazlow, and the Absurd Ventures team are working on several other projects that are set in the same universe as A BETTER PARADISE. These projects include video games and television shows, as well as more seasons of audio fiction.

The near-future novel “A BETTER PARADISE Volume One: An Aftermath” chronicles the misguided creation of an ambitious yet compulsive virtual game environment under the direction of psychologist and inventor Dr. Mark Tyburn. The crew disintegrated inexplicably, and the project was shelved as the sophisticated software they created started to produce unexpected and unsettling outcomes. The super-intelligence and gaming world inside were abandoned, inert, and unexplored. Thus far.

On June 10th, “A BETTER PARADISE Volume One: An Aftermath” will launch on all major podcast platforms. New episodes will be broadcast every week for the duration of the summer.

Offering a first listen and a peek into this horrifying new universe, Absurd Ventures has published an official trailer today on all major audio devices. They have also released a visual teaser and a short cast reveal video on their social media accounts. To ensure they don’t miss an episode of A BETTER PARADISE, they can subscribe to the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music, and other platforms.

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