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Always in Mind Steam Demo Impressions

Always in Mind, by developer and publisher Inevitable Studios (Industry Veteran Cord Smith), is a story rich game about exploring beautiful mindscapes. You embark on a journey as a young boy named Teddy and forge a bond with an AI named Proxy. Discover secrets and explore awe inspiring mindscapes created by nothing but memories. This world is for you to explore and understand in your own way. Just remember that memories are never truly forgotten, sometimes you just need to be reminded that they are there.

Always in Mind Steam Demo Impressions

The demo of Always in Mind seems to start at Chapter 4. You start off with a woman telling Teddy about his grandfather Henry, you then are just sliding down a rocky cliff with obstacles in your way and you have to maneuver around them. When you plop down on the ground you talk to Proxy who gives you an upgrade where you can throw orbs. Proxy also mentions that this mindscape lets Teddy look through the mind of his grandfather that had dementia and it hid his story away. You then go on a little journey through these memories to illuminate these beacons and live through the memories yourself. You will explore vast and pretty mindscapes that can be confusing at times but as is the human mind that stores memories, you will also have the opportunity to discover secrets hidden in the depths, and  you solve puzzles and destroy glitches that block your path forward. This game seems to be a fun and relaxing game that is very driven by the narrative and story. Overall, even at the first glance of this short demo this game will be a real thought provoking and awe inspiring game.

This is a demo that really just shows off the main premise of the game and its mechanics so the story and some things that I interpreted one way may be different from the full game as this demo does start at Chapter 4, so there is a lot of background we still don’t know. Some of the level traversing was a little confusing with many twists and turns but that seems to be by design and eventually you do get a hint that can point you into the right direction. This game recommends playing on a controller and if you have one this game would be a lot easier to control but still works fully with a keyboard and mouse. The only other thing I really can comment on is that there were a few lag spikes but since it is such a short demo that seems to be a little peek into the game I wouldn’t hold that against it.

Always in Mind is a narrative driven indie game about traversing through beautiful and complex mindscapes. Your AI friend, Proxy, is your guide on this interesting and thought provoking journey. You will explore and unlock memories and secrets hidden in the corners of a human’s mind. Overall, this game is definitely one to pay attention to especially if you enjoy games with rich narrative driven story and relaxing but breathtaking gameplay.

The Always in Mind Steam Demo is available for PC via Steam.

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