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REIGNS BEYOND Review for Steam

Reigns Beyond, by developer Nerial and publisher Devolver Digital, is a choose your own adventure game where you play decision cards and try not to die. You are the new commander of an intergalactic warship and will have to make tough choices and encounter strange individuals on strange planets along the way. Make sure to keep an eye on and maintain your ship or disaster is sure to follow. Will you be able to continue on your journey through the galaxy or will you fall?

REIGNS BEYOND Review for Steam

The game starts with you waking up on a spaceship called the Sandman awoken by the ship’s computer. The computer tells you that you are the last survivor of the crew and are now the captain of the ship by default, soon after receiving this information you crash onto a planet and into a concert venue. The crash kills the guitarist of the band that was playing then after you pick up the guitar and play a song the other members of the band invite you to join. Thus starts your journey as an intergalactic indie rock band, travel from planet to planet, meet new people and invite some of them aboard, perform gig after gig in your rise to stardom all the while maintaining the Sandman and its crew. You get to make choices based on the cards that show up, different planets and encounters grant you more cards. The story is text based and follows the choices you make, some choices will impact certain resources on the ship such as the oxygen or the hull integrity. The resources that will be affected will be highlighted based on the choice you make, if any of the resources deplete completely you, the ship, and everyone on board will perish. Luckily for you the ship can create a clone of you, the ship, and the people but that will cost money each time. Overall this is a nice little game you can just play casually to have some fun.

There isn’t really much to say as to drawbacks to the game other than it is short. Even after a few runs you can do more but it gets dull after a while. It’s also a little hard to get the hang of the game as certain aspects aren’t really explained, you just have to figure it out on your own with some trial and error. Overall, however, this is a fun game to play for a little while and come back to play again later when you are bored.

Reigns Beyond is a casual choose your own adventure game about your rise to intergalactic stardom. You are the new commander of an intergalactic warship who is also the newest member of a band. You will travel through the galaxy from concert to concert on different planets throughout the galaxy. Find new members for your band and crew but during your adventures don’t forget to maintain your ship or the wrong choice will leave you dead in space. I am giving this an 8 out of 10 because it is a fun little game to play casually from time to time.

Reigns Beyond is available for for Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam.

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