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Arena Breakout: Infinite Closed Beta Impressions

Introduction/Information about Arena Breakout: Infinite

Arena Breakout: Infinite, by developer and publisher MoreFun Studios, is a game that has recently had a Closed Beta playtest. This is a military simulation game where players will shoot, loot, and raid their way to both survival and good fortune. While I do not play too many first person shooter games anymore, Arena Breakout: Infinite seemed very interesting to me. The game seemed different from most standard shooter games I’ve played before. While there are some issues I have with the game when playing the closed beta playtest, I believe it has a very strong concept that I think really helps make it stand out from other shooter games. After playing the Arena Breakout: Infinite closed beta playtest, I would like to say the developers have very strong gameplay mechanics implemented, however, the overall map felt somewhat empty, with little interaction.

Arena Breakout: Infinite Closed Beta Impressions


The gameplay for the closed beta for Arena Breakout: Infinite has plenty of important mechanics to remember. Thankfully, they are all straight forward, so they should not be too hard for players to grasp. When starting the game, players will be given a tutorial on these different mechanics. To start off, players will need to set their inventory before they make their way out on the field. In a player’s inventory, they will need to choose their weapon loadout, how much healing items they need, how much ammo they will need, any gear to wear, and anything else they can find that will be useful when going out on the field. However, one of the biggest parts of the game players must keep in mind is that if you die out on the field, everything that they bring will be taken from them. Once players have their loadout ready, they will go out to the main field and fight each other to gain more loot for themselves. Players can gain the loot through searching the map as well as by killing other players and taking their loot. The main goal of this game for players is to gain loot out on the field, defend themselves against other players, and leave within the extraction point with said loot. As I have said before, the gameplay, such as the shooting, movement, and even the idea of looting are very solid. However, the map is where I believe the game felt somewhat empty. As I searched the map for different loot, I felt there was not much to find, as well as not too many enemies. Of course, most of this is most likely due to this being the closed beta playtest, and I am sure that the devs will continue to add more into the map. As the game is right now, however, the map does feel somewhat empty.

Arena Breakout: Infinite Closed Beta Impressions

Final thoughts

Overall, I believe the closed beta for Arena Breakout: Infinite showed strong gameplay mechanics, but still needs more in the overall map of the game. This was the first time I’ve played a shooter game where it was designed more to be a military simulation game, and I was very impressed with how well the gameplay felt for the closed beta. I believe that the devs are on the right track for the game. Again, if there was anything to change or add, I would simply take the time to add more to the map to make players interact more with their surroundings. Other than this, I believe the game is on a great start. If  you are the kind of player who is interested in this military simulation game, as well as looting games, then I would recommend playing this game when it releases. Players can get this game when it releases on PC soon in the future.

Check out the Closed Beta Gameplay Trailer HERE.

Soon, PC players will be able to access Arena Breakout: Infinite via Steam (you can wishlist the game right now) and the official game website.

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