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FINAL FACTORY Review for Steam Early Access

Introduction/Information about Final Factory

The game Final Factory is a game that was released in early access on Steam on April 9th, 2024. This game is a simulation strategy game where players will build factories and spaceships to defend against hostile alien enemies and unlock the secrets of an ancient civilization. I do not play many simulation games, as they do not interest me very much. To my understanding of the genre when playing, however, I would say the game does a very good job creating and explaining the ways of the game and how to help the player create their space civilization. After playing Final Factory, I would say that this game is a very well thought out simulation strategy game that will always leave the player thinking of their next move.

FINAL FACTORY Review for Steam Early Access


The gameplay for Final Factory is very well thought out. I will say this. For a player new to simulation games like this, building a civilization will seem very overwhelming. Thankfully, the game offers a very in depth tutorial to help new players start out, explaining everything. To control the game all the way to explaining how each individual item works, the game will explain it. When starting the game, the player will start out in a small part of space. Inside this small space, there are different spots where the player can mine for different materials. These materials will help the player with creating factories, structures, and even ships. Essentially, everything that can be built in the game will need to start from materials. The player can do this manually at first. However, the player can also build different structures that can mine these materials for them. I recommend players do this for every mining spot they can. It makes collecting materials much more efficient, and since it’s done automatically, players can focus on making new structures, expanding, and in certain cases, defending their structures from hostile aliens. Gathering materials using structures is great. However, these structures still need electrical energy to work. If this is the case for certain structures, players should make sure they have a way to gain energy. This, of course, is the most simple part of building your structures. As players progress and build their structures, they will gain access to new buildings and structures to make. Players will need to think about their every move before they decide to build certain structures, because they never know when they may be attacked by hostile enemies.

Final thoughts

Overall, I believe the game Final Factory is a very well thought out simulation strategy game with plenty of different variables to think about. As I have mentioned before, I do not play many simulation games. However, with my understanding of simulation games, it impressed me how many parts of the process I had to always keep in the back of my head. This game truly always had me thinking about what I could be doing. If you are the kind of player who enjoys simulation games that will make you think about your every move, then I highly recommend this game. Players can get this game in early access on Steam.

Score: 7/10

Final Factory is available for PC via Steam Early Access. You can check out the trailer HERE

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