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OUTER TERROR Review for PlayStation

Introduction/Information about Outer Terror

The game Outer Terror is a game that is planned to release on consoles today, April 12th, 2024. This game is a roguelike, horde shooter, bullet hell video game where players must hold their own against massive hordes of cosmic creatures. I have not played many horde shooters, but from what I’ve played, I have had plenty of fun with them. When playing this game, I was having plenty of fun wandering around the world and trying to see how long I could last. After playing Outer Terror, I would say that this game is a very fun horde shooter that I feel I can always jump into.

OUTER TERROR Review for PlayStation


The gameplay for Outer Terror is very, very simple to grasp and understand. When entering the game, the player will start to be surrounded by hordes of enemies, and they will only keep coming. The character will shoot the enemies automatically when within shooting range, so all the player needs to do is simply move their character. They will need to move their character close enough to kill enemies, but also make sure they don’t get surrounded and have no way of escaping. If the player does get surrounded, they aren’t completely helpless. They do have a dash that can get them out of tough situations. They also have a special that can destroy hordes of enemies in a flash. This special does have a cooldown, so players should keep this in mind as they make good use of it. The player’s objective, of course, is to survive the hordes of enemies for as long as possible. To make this more possible, players will need to kill as many enemies as they can and level up their character. Leveling up their character gives the player a choice to upgrade one of three options. These options can include weapon range, defense, extra health, and so on. Personally, I like to go for the defense and extra weapon options, as I find they are much more helpful for surviving, but players are welcome to choose whatever they want. In the top left corner of the game, there is the character’s icon, exp bar to track the player’s next level up, and the different upgrades the player has chosen. Players should use this UI to keep track of their character’s progress. Using everything they can at their disposal, players must kill the hordes of enemies, upgrade their arsenal, and most importantly, they MUST survive.

OUTER TERROR Review for PlayStation

Final thoughts

Overall, I believe the game Outer Terror is a very fun horde shooter that I feel I can always go back to and play whenever I want. As I have said before, I have not played many horde shooter games, so I had very little experience to go off of. I was very glad when I started playing this game, however, as I believe Outer Terror has now sparked a much higher interest in horde shooter games for me. If you are the kind of player that loves horde shooter games, then I would highly recommend this game. Players can get this game right now on PlayStation 5, as well as Xbox and Nintendo Switch. The game is also available via Steam.

Score: 8/10

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