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Atari and ICON Collective Music Production School Announce Yars Rising Remix Contest

One of the most recognizable consumer brands and interactive entertainment producers in the world, Atari, along with ICON Collective, the top music production school in Los Angeles, have announced the Yars Rising Remix Competition for Yars Rising, an upcoming sci-fi Metroidvania game from WayForward that takes inspiration from one of Atari’s most successful classic titles.

DJs, video game enthusiasts, and music producers are all welcome to enter the Yars Rising Remix Competition. The task for aspiring and experienced producers is to take tracks from the Yars Rising soundtrack and transform them into something entirely new. Atari and ICON are interested in hearing your music, regardless of the genre—chiptune, EDM, hip-hop, trance, or anything else! Music producers from all around the world are invited to participate in this exclusive competition, which challenges them to remix a song from the thrilling game soundtrack. It’s an incredible chance for them to show off their skills and become part of the elite group of fearless music creators.

Go here to enter the Yars Rising Remix Competition:

Atari and ICON Collective Music Production School Announce Yars Rising Remix Contest

June 21, 2024, is the start of the competition, and entries are accepted through July 12. Announcing the chosen finalists will take place during the week of July 15. The song “Disconnection” by Moe Shop featuring YUCe from the Yars Rising soundtrack must be used in the submission, which must be an original composition. Plagiarism evidence will lead to instant disqualification. More information on the competition submission link may be found at Bring your A game since coherence, inventiveness, ingenuity, and production quality will all be considered in choosing the winners.

Moe Shop stated, “I felt very honored being approached by WayForward to write music for Yars Rising. I’ve been a fan since Mighty Switch Force 1 & 2, and a big appeal for me was the music featured in these games (produced by Jake Kaufman). As a fan, I tried my best recreating the excitement I felt from these soundtracks for Yars Rising in my own style. I really connected with the universe and the art direction, and for this song, I knew exactly what I wanted to go for sonically with YUC’e.”

Winner Get:

  • First Place: Along with dozens of other musicians, the grand prize winner will be included in the Yars Rising Original Soundtrack. A Yars Rising physical care package (which includes a game code for the platform of their choice) and weekly mentorship sessions with an expert ICON Instructor for a month are among the additional first place rewards. Recognition on Atari and ICON social media channels are also included.
  • Second Place: The runner-up will get a trip to the ICON Rising Training Camp in Los Angeles (fall ’24), a Yars Rising care package, special acknowledgment on Atari and ICON social media channels, and an ICON gear bag.
  • Third Place: The winner of third place will get one ticket to the ICON Rising Training Camp in Los Angeles in the fall of 2024, special recognition on Atari and ICON social media platforms, and a Yars Rising game key on the platform of their choosing.

Wishlist Yars Rising now on all gaming devices, and don’t pass up the opportunity to pre-order physical copies from your neighborhood store. On September 10, 2024, the game will be available on Windows PC via Steam and Epic Games, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Series X|S, and PlayStation 4 & 5.

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