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Build-Your-Own-Wargame BRIKWARS Pre-Orders Now Available

Today, tabletop board game publisher Modiphius Entertainment bears exciting news: pre-orders for the final, definitive, best-ever version of Mike Rayhawk’s BRIKWARS are open right now! Dust off those old bricks and make sure they’re primed for battle, this tabletop wargame is coming in hot!

The worlds in the BrikVerse are slowly being snuffed out under the choking shroud of mediocrity. Instructions, common sense, and the suffocating norms of standard brick building have pushed creativity to the brink of extinction. The brightest and least responsible Heroes must rise up and restore the balance back towards the side of absolute chaos.

Now is the time to gather up your pile of random bricks and parts to create soldiers and their weapons, and wage war against all things normal. What this mishmash of random bricks will become is up to you. Valiant knights riding motorbikes wielding hand grenades? Sure. Hordes of minifigs being transported by dragons? Cool! Tri-colored death machines with pirate cannons for arms loaded with nuclear warheads? Absolutely! Do not ask why in the midst of the BRIKWARS, ask simply “why not?”.

Build-Your-Own-Wargame BrikWars Pre-Orders Now Available

The BRIKWARS rulebook will contain:

  • An arsenal of custom weapons of all varieties to make every battle a symphony of world-ending explosives, monstrous machines of all varieties, and double-bladed green flaming swords. Just because.
  • A barrack full of specialists suited to any and all roles you need to flesh out your army
  • The MOC Combat system: a deeply robust environment that has been designed to handle the wildest corners of your imagination
  • A series of narrative campaigns known as Heroic Escapades, each one satiating the massive egos of your army’s greatest Heroes
  • The standard set of rules for getting your battles going. Related: a guide on how to break all of the rules.

BRIKWARS is now available to pre-order through the Modiphius webstore here: US / UK.

Stay tuned for updates by following Modiphius Entertainment on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and the official website at

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