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Cassette Beasts “Pier of the Unknown” DLC Now Available for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Indie developer Bytten Studio and publisher Raw Fury would like to welcome you to take a ride into “Pier of the Unknown,” the first major DLC expansion for the open-world RPG, Cassette Beasts. Kick off your spooky season with a ghostly new amusement park location and story to explore, plus 12 new monsters to collect for one of this year’s best titles! “Pier of the Unknown” is available today on PC, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch for $6.99.

Check out the Cassette Beasts Pier of the Unknown DLC Trailer:

Charge your oversized flashlight, steel your nerves, and step into the eerily captivating world of Brightside Pier, a long-forgotten amusement park reclaimed by nature after years of abandonment. Unravel an engaging new storyline as you delve into the mysteries of carnival-themed attractions and uncover the wonders they hide. Brightside Pier adds 12 brand-new unique monsters to Cassette Beasts, bringing the total number of monsters in game to 141 and allowing you to now unlock 19,881 fully imagined fusions for your squad!

“Pier of the Unknown” Expansion Features

  • A mysterious new storyline to unravel
  • A spooky new location with three carnival-themed attractions to explore
  • 12 new monsters that can only be found and collected within Brightside Pier, bringing the total number of monsters in game to 141
  • Five stylish new character costume options
  • Approximately 4-5 hours of additional gameplay expanding on the original adventure

Cassette Beasts "Pier of the Unknown” DLC Now Available for Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and PC

Cassette Beasts puts a unique spin on monster-collecting RPG adventures – on the remote island of New Wirral, people can use cassette tapes to transform into strange creatures and fight in turn-based battles! Explore the island and record a menagerie of mighty monsters to your trusty cassette tapes to gain their abilities and find a way home. You can even combine two creatures together to make powerful new fusions with shared elemental types, stats, and move sets, with thousands of possibilities to discover!

Cassette Beasts is out now on Nintendo SwitchXbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store. It is also available for Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass subscribers.

For more on Cassette Beasts, visit, and follow the team on Twitter and Discord for the latest updates.

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