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Children of the Sun Review for Steam

Children of the Sun is a tactical indie game where you control the path of a single bullet to kill your enemies. A sinister cult ruined your life and now you take it upon yourself to take revenge and take down the cult once and for all. Embark on this long road where you will have to strategize every shot, along the way you will uncover challenges and new abilities to help you out. Will you make it to the end and kill the leader once and for all?

Children of the Sun Review for Steam

When you start the game and at the beginning of new areas a brief flashy cutscene plays depicting the cult Children of the Sun. The first one shows the main character finding her father who shot himself and a brochure for the cult, a flashback plays of the girl and her family when they joined the cult. With a newfound anger and hatred in her heart the girl takes the gun her father left and embarks on a mission to take down the cult. The tutorial shows you how after you shoot one target you can then aim and continue to the next target until everyone is dead. You use the mouse or A and D to move around the target area and left click to aim the gun. When in aim mode you right click to cancel, use the scroll wheel to zoom, press the scroll wheel to mark each target, and left click to shoot. Remember you only have one bullet and you can re aim after you hit a target but if you can’t see the other targets from that angle you’ll have to restart. Levels also have special challenges for you to complete as well. As you progress you’ll uncover more and more secrets of this insane cult and the atrocities they’ve committed but you will also unlock skills and abilities to help you along the way, but they might end up making things more challenging in the end. Overall this is an interesting strategy game with mysteries to uncover and deeper meanings to the cutscenes that you’ll have to decipher yourself.

This game throws you right into the action and strategy without much build up or story. You have to uncover the story through cutscenes and flashbacks that aren’t very clear. The art style of the cutscenes is more of a comic book style with very chaotic and graphic images and transitions. This game is perfect for those that want to get straight into the action of a game, as well as people who enjoy strategy and puzzle games. Overall the only issues I personally had involve the lack of story or well the lack of storytelling, there is story there but it’s a story you have to piece together through only the cutscenes. The other issue I have is with the graphics, the people you shoot are all the same yellow person and there is a lack of variety in that. Other than that the game is interesting and fun.

Children of the Sun is a strategy game where you use one bullet to kill all your targets. Uncover the mysteries behind the many atrocities committed by the cult that ruined your life. Your ultimate goal is to work your way up and kill the Leader of the cult to end it all. Use your tactical skills to mark and take out targets. I am giving this game a 7 out of 10 because even though it lacks a concise story it is still a fun game overall.

Children of the Sun is now available for $14.99 for PC via Steam.

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