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First Dwarf Invites Play Testers and Showcases Gameplay in New Trailer

First Dwarf Invites Play Testers and Showcases Gameplay in New Trailer

As of now, players may experience First Dwarf’s special blend of action RPG, survival, colony management, and tower defense. Open playtests for PC via Steam are extended to all users by developer and publisher Star Drifters. Just visit the game’s Steam page and submit a request for access.

Players take on the role of Tru in First Dwarf, a dwarven explorer who travels to Driftland’s floating islands to establish settlements. Shipwrecked Tru has to create infrastructure and defenses for the upcoming colonists in order to prepare for the perils of the high country. Thankfully, he has dwarven engineering abilities, which allow him to maintain and operate a strong mech that excels in building, resource collection, and battle. This fantasy tech pinnacle will eventually become the ultimate exploring machine with a variety of enhancements. The mech’s offensive toolkit will also be useful because the unknown regions are home to enigmatic beings that are antagonistic to the dwarven visitors.

However, the enormous mech is insufficient to solve all of Driftland’s riddles. Tru finds a playable partner in Ragna, a she-dragon who helps him on his mission. Her little stature, flight capabilities, and fire-breathing ability make her an invaluable asset to the protagonist’s dwarven arsenal. All of the protagonists can work together in split-screen and online cooperative gameplay while playing the game.

Tru is also responsible for overseeing the settlers and constructing a colony. By installing tower defense systems, the settlement can be ready for any eventuality. It’s not only about survival, though; Tru must also consider and meet the needs of the newcomers, giving them supplies, a place to live, and entertainment to make them happier. Our protagonist’s personal quest to uncover the evil that permeates these regions and the fate of past dwarven expeditions, including his father’s, can only be accomplished in a rich civilization.

Check out the First Dwarf New Gameplay Trailer:

Later this year, First Dwarf will be available on PC via Steam, PlayStation5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch. You can wishlist as well as request access to playtest the game right now via Steam.

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