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DEATH’s DOOR Review for Steam

Death’s Door, by developer Acid Nerve and publisher Devolver Digital, is an amazing indie game where you play as a little crow who is sent out to reap souls. When you start, you are dropped off at a bus stop in a black and white world that only has a few hints of color. Once you make your way through this broken up world of islands you find a reception area of sorts that has a few crows at desks; upon talking to one of them, you are given the task to go reap a giant’s soul and a door appears for you. Going through the door will take you to a vibrant world full of color and life, where there are creatures that want to attack you and some who just want to talk. 

DEATH’s DOOR Review for Steam

The controls of Death’s Door are fairly straight forward and easy to get to know; WASD to move around and the mouse buttons to fight. The mouse buttons also have keyboard variants if you want to just use the keyboard, and if you have issues with any of those you can also change the keybinds to better suit you. I had to do that with the middle mouse button to charge attacks, as it was difficult to use the middle mouse to fight. The way the game saves its progress is through doors that you can find in the different areas giving you the ability to travel between area’s quicker, as well as the ability to go back if you missed anything. 

Death’s Door overall has amazing atmosphere and graphics. I love the contrast between the hall of doors in the spirit realm and the many areas in the mortal world, it goes from black and white to full of color and it’s very pretty. Along with the graphics the music is also very nice. It follows the mood and really adds more to the situations, like a sense of suspense when fighting and adventure when the story is being told. The story is interesting and engaging, it makes you want to come back to finish the game, and even though it is a straight forward progression kind of story there seems to be a lot of secrets left to be discovered. Even just going back to the Hall of Doors to talk to the NPCs is fun as they’ll give you different dialogue based on where you are at in the story.

DEATH’s DOOR Review for Steam

Overall, I don’t have many complaints about Death’s Doo as it plays well and is really captivating. But there are a few things I want to talk about a little. After the beginning area, the game ups its difficulty rather quickly. I think there should be more options for difficulties so the game isn’t so overwhelming for some players, I understand wanting to play a challenging game because it can be really fun, but sometimes it can be a bit much. The only other thing is upgrading; you can upgrade skills such as Dexterity and Magic using soul energy, which is a cool mechanic, but is a bit pricey. You get 200 soul energy when you kill the mini bosses and 300 when you kill a boss or at least when you kill the Ceramic Witch, but all the starter upgrades cost 400, which is a lot and it only raises for the next upgrade levels. It makes it very difficult to upgrade and if it was just a bit easier to upgrade then I think that could also help the difficulty issue. All that being said, however, Death’s Door is still very well made and even the issues I have don’t actually impact the gameplay all that much and are just little things that could be improved.

DEATH’s DOOR Review for Steam

Death’s Door is an amazing indie game that is very fun and captivating. The story is engaging and interesting, making the player very invested in completing the game. The music and graphics give a nice immersive experience along with the story. Overall, it’s a really good action RPG game that gives off dungeon delving vibes much like Zelda and is done in a very unique and interesting way. I give Death’s Door a 9 out of 10 rating because of how well put together it is despite being made by a small team, and even the things I talked about being a little too much really doesn’t impact the experience severely. 

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