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Diamond Hands: To The Moon Review for Nintendo Switch

Introduction/Information about Diamond Hands: To The Moon

The game Diamond Hands: To The Moon is a game that was released on Switch on March 6th, 2024. This game is a hardcore, retro style platformer where players have to jump and platform their way all the way up to the moon. I enjoy platformers, even if I do not play them very often. When playing this game, I had to really focus in order to just get past the first section. After playing Diamond Hands: To The Moon, I would say that this game is a very fun and very difficult platformer.

Diamond Hands: To The Moon Review for Nintendo Switch


The gameplay for Diamond Hands: To The Moon is very simple. All the player needs to know when they enter the game is that they can move and jump. That is it. That is all the player can do. What makes this game a much harder platformer than most is a multitude of mechanics that are implemented in a variety of creative ways. One is how precise the player has to be with each jump. Depending on how long the player holds the jump button down before releasing will determine how high the player can jump. What else is that once a player jumps in the air, they cannot move or change the direction they are moving. Players must commit to one direction once they decide to jump. If they miss the platform or don’t make it and hit the side, players will fall and lose plenty of progress, which can get pretty frustrating when you make it far up. Finally, if players hit a wall or the side of a platform, they will bounce off, which can screw players up. As said before, one wrong jump into the side of a platform can make players lose plenty of progress. However, there are certain cases where players may actually NEED to use the side of a platform or wall to get higher. This becomes crucial for certain jumps, as it is actually the only way players can get higher. Overall, these mechanics are very simple, but these simple mechanics make the game much harder for players as they must be more precise with platforming and timing, among other things. Players, understanding the mechanics and using everything they can, must platform their way up all the way to the moon.

Diamond Hands: To The Moon Review for Nintendo Switch

Final thoughts

Overall, I believe the game Diamond Hands: To The Moon is a very fun and very difficult platformer. When I started playing this game, I was very confused, especially when I was only told that the only controls were how to move and jump. My initial thought was “What’s the catch?” I understood what the catch was the moment I jumped into a platform. This game is very fun, but I must say that it is still a very difficult platformer with how precise a player must make their jumps. If you are the kind of player who enjoys challenging platformers or want to take a true platforming challenge, then I would highly recommend this game. Players can get this game on Switch, as well as Steam, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.

Score: 7/10

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