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First Images and New Information of Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home Revealed by Natsume Inc.

Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home, which will launch for iOS and Android in August 2024, has fresh details and initial screenshots released today by Natsume Inc., a global producer and publisher of family-friendly video games.

Check out the new images for Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home:

It’s time to return to your roots in Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home and leave the city behind to return to your childhood hamlet of Alba, where the local farmers and fishermen raise and catch the freshest fish and best vegetables.

But Alba hamlet has seen better days, and with its younger people moving to the big city and its population aging, will you be able to help transform it from a declining hamlet to a prosperous one? Alba has a lot of promise given its lovely surroundings, but can you draw visitors and even newcomers to this expansive green village?

The largest Harvest Moon mobile game to date is Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home! You can also court four different bachelors and four different bachelorettes, and you can wed anybody you like. Help put Alba on the map by getting back together with your childhood pal and other well-known faces!

Harvest crops, tend to fish, mine, and other creatures. While participating in competitions and festivals, accumulate happiness to expand the community and attract new residents!

Hiro Maekawa, President and CEO of Natsume stated, “In Harvest Moon: Home Sweet Home, players are tasked with going back home to where it all started to help their childhood village get back on track. Mobile gamers will love this robust new standalone farming experience where they can help their beloved village flourish with new tourists, new residents, new crops and more, all without any in-app purchases.”

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